Balancing Chemical Equations Practice Problems

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let's do some practice problems for

balancing chemical equations we'll start

off with some examples that are pretty

basic and straightforward and then the

problems will get more challenging as we

move on here's our first equation we got

xenon and fluorine we want to keep track

of how many atoms of these elements we

have on both sides of the equation so

we're going to make a little chart okay

I got xenon and fluorine on this side

and then xenon and fluorine on this side

over here I have one xenon atom one and

then I have f2 so I got two fluorines

over here also one xenon and then f6

so I got 6 fluorines now take a look at

these numbers this equation isn't

balanced yet because we have different

numbers of the atoms for one of the

elements i've got two fluorine here but

i've got six fluorine here so it's not