Checks and Check Registers for Kids

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this is Business & Economics for kids

now today our topic is checks so I just

decided to do something different and

instead of sit you saying boring old me

we're going to do a PowerPoint so let's

start this item now this is my check I'm

writing it to Business & Economics for

kids with two hundred dollars and fifty

cents for stock funds for that okay so

first of all the day it's the 19th of

May of 2015 so you should write that

there and now here a page in the order

of visit us in economics for kids who

I'm it's who you're up giving the check

to then right here in numbers you write

how much you're paying how much you're

giving and 200 and then 250 and fifty

cents is how much then then you write it

out in words below that and then at the

memo the memo is what you're paying for

why are you giving this this isn't very