How to Balance a Desk Fan Blade

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hello viewers here is a fairly typical

six-inch desk fan and it's got a balance

issue kind of vibrates a little bit when

it's on as it slows down you can see not

so much on the camera but you can see it

kind of shakes a little bit so we're

going to go ahead and balance the blade

this sort of runs a little better very

simple to do these usually just pull

right off the shaft which is the case

here as well and what we're gonna do

here is we're going to put a weight

inside the center of the blade hub there

to kind of balance it out and we're

going to use a piece of wire this is a

scrap piece of wire that I saved from

some other product I did this is one of

those things people say why don't you

throw that yeah here we go now we're

gonna use it so I'm gonna take some

cutters here and we're gonna cut off a