How To Improve Your Balance On A Bike | GCN's Pro Tips

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- Balance isn't really something

that many of us look to work on,

not since we started to learn how to ride our bikes.

But, practicing your balance

can really pay dividends with your confidence,

like riding in traffic or around other people.

So, here's a few hints and tips to practice.

- You alright there, mate? Did that help?

- Yeah that's really really helpful, that.

I think I'm getting there, mate.

Thanks, - You are, yeah,

I really appreciate it. - Brilliant effort!

Brilliant effort!

- Am I looking good?

- Aw yeah!

- Cheers, mate.

(cheery techno music)

- Now your first point is to tear your eyes

away from your front wheel,

and it's actually a lot harder to do

than you might think.