6 Nails Balancing Challenge

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what's up everybody how y'all doing

today I'm going to show you really

awesome science toy it's a nail bouncing

kid let's check this out so I got your

nail bouncing outdoor kid and bounce six

nails on the head of one so let's open

it and check out this sand store it's

pretty cool well look at this slick

design pretty awesome here's a finger

hold us where you can grab all the nails

on this side looks like pretty simple


nothing epic boy the box is a really

cool design that's for sure

so I guess I'm going to just put it

inside out just like this and then stick

one and then we can just sticks stick

all the six nails looks like that's why

they have all this fools

this way you don't lose in your nails

there is a little explanation but it's