Subtle DM Trick of Un-Balancing Your Encounters | Dungeons and Dragons 5e

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okay guys so three real quick little

announcements and then we will

jump into the video because that's what

youtubers like to say we'll jump

right into the video just three real

quick things uh first off

for those of you uh who have been asking

and i'm sure not everybody has seen

uh the community post a while back a few

weeks i don't know

some time ago about my father being

diagnosed with esophageal cancer and you

guys are

i'm getting a few comments in the videos

you know here and there going hey what's

the update what's the update

um he's finished up his first round of

treatments right now we don't know a lot

more than that other than he has

finished up his first rounds of

treatments which were a little rough on