How to Handle the 5 Elements - Vinita Bali​ With Sadhguru

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(Sadhguru): In this culture, they taught you,

if you have to eat your food, first you bow down to it.

You are not saying thank you to any god, okay?

Please don’t do this.

If at all if you want to thank the… somebody,

thank that poor farmer

who doesn’t eat what he grows and gives it to you (Applause).

We are not thanking any gods,

we are not looking up and saying thanks for the daily bread whatever.

We’re just bowing down to the food

because we know how you treat the food,

accordingly it behaves within you.

Today, there is enormous amount of study, which shows

For example, water –

this water (Gestures) has enormous memory.

If I just as much as look at it in a certain way,

its molecular composition changes,

not the chemical composition

but the molecular composition changes

and it behaves differently.

Lot of experimentation has happened about this