Average 401(k) Balance by Age: Are You Behind?

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401k balance do you have enough how do

you measure up with your peers man do we

have answers for you today

it's Brian Preston the money guy nailed

it I thought you did awesome

yeah so today's show is almost like I'm

a professional it's like a stir it's

like you've been doing this for a while

Brian Preston sorry the answers are

going on two decades right now man so

here's the thing I'm excited about this

show by the way this is number two out

of three shows we're recording on a

marathon recording day and you guys know

when we create content we like to create

content that feels actionable that you

know what's going to happen but there's

a difference sometimes we come up

against content that the advice you want

to give a 20 year old is completely

different than the advice you want to