Becoming a Millionaire: Roth IRA vs 401K (What makes the MOST PROFIT)

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what's of the guys it's Graham here so

here's a question that's been coming up

a lot recently and this is a very

confusing question for most people and

that is this what is better to invest in

a Roth IRA or traditional 401k now this

is actually a someone complicated answer

and it's definitely not a

one-size-fits-all approach so I figured

I would just take the time to make this

video to break down exactly which one

would be best for you and which one is

going to give you the most amount of

money in the long run and seriously

though if you're at all confused about

which one you should be investing in or

which one would be better for you just

watching this video until the very end

and understanding these concepts could

save you tens of thousands or

potentially even hundreds of thousands