How I Got All A's (with 18 credits) | 6 Classes | ASU

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as welcome back to my channel if you're

new my name is Vinh dexter kalo today we

are gonna talk about how I got all A's

on all my classes a little academic

background about myself I am majoring in

medical studies in hopes to go to

medical school it took a total of 6

classes this was actually my first

semester of college actually did a video

on my reflection about my first semester

so if you want to go check that out I'll

leave a link down below I had a total of

18 credits a previous semester and I

managed to get all A's yeah that's what

this video is about giving you guys tips

on how I did that oh I guess my number

one tip for your first semester or any

semester in general is to go through the

syllabus figuring out when the due dates

are for the midterms the final exams the

unit exams and put it in your planner