3 Phase Balanced vs 3 Phase unbalanced system / load | Explained | TheElectricalGuy

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three-phase balanced system or load and

three-phase unbalanced system or Lord

are the two most commonly used concepts

in power system but what do we really

mean by a balanced or unbalanced

three-phase system what are the

parameters that decide whether a system

is balanced or unbalanced so if you want

to get the details and the basics of

three-phase balanced and unbalanced

system watch the video when we talk

about a three-phase balanced or

three-phase unbalanced system we must

first know a very basic thing that is it

is not the source that decide if a

system is balanced or unbalanced until

the winding of it of the sole generator

is placed or wrongly which is a very

rare case it is the load which it

decides if a system is balanced or

unbalanced now let's understand what is