Amazing Balancing Nails Trick

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what's up everybody welcome back to my

laboratory where safety is number one

priority and today I'm going to show you

where cool experiment using bunch of

nails and a piece of plywood let's check

it out so I nailed the nail in a piece

of plywood and the challenge is how can

we balance all 14 nails over here on one

on top of a nail so it does not touch

the ground pretty impossible you know

how could you stuck it up so it's

balanced you know but you've gotta set

them up like 14 at the top pretty

impossible huh here's the tape

you wanna stack them up first before you

put in them on the nail so this is what

you want to do you go up one nail put it

down like that and then 1l this way and

the other one this way and keep doing

that and now the other nail you want to

drop it on top of it like that what you