Remove the #N/A Error from VLOOKUP in Excel

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here I'm going to show you a very quick

tip for how to remove the na s from

showing when you do a vlookup now let me

just explain what I have here I have a

quick sample of employees with their

last name first name job their email and

then their phone number and if I type in

a last name here I want to be able to

get all their information and so there

you see it comes in very nicely the one

problem is that if I remove all of this

so if I take this information out of

here I get a bunch of na s so I have


and all these cells but I want to remove

the NA is because I don't like how they

look and it's actually very easy to do

you just use an if function with an is

na so let me explain that first what you

want to do is make all of your vlookup

formulas so have your formula already

set and it's going to make it a little

bit easier and I'm going to give you an

example of how to do it with the first

name cell right here so what I'm going

to do is double click and copy the

vlookup formula that I have here

then I'm going to delete that so it's

only an equal sign now I want to use

equals if open parentheses so now is an

if statement and I want to do is n/a so

that's another function open parenthesis

now the value the value is going to be

your vlookup so paste that back in

control V and what that's going to do is

figure out if and if this vlookup

formula returns in n a so next close the

parentheses then comma so if it is an n

a I want to return a blank so I'm just

going to do two quotation marks with

nothing in between them

the next thing is comma now re paste in

the vlookup formula so control V and

that appears

right there and then the last thing is

one more close parenthesis hit enter and

nothing so you see this one still has na

and this one does not so let's try a

name out still works

now if I delete it nothing so that's how

you can remove the na s from the vlookup

formulas and I'll leave it at this so

you can just see that