Excel Tips: How to get rid of #DIV/0 in pivot table

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hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to

get rid of these div errors in a pivot

table so this is actually pretty simple

what I have here is just a pivot table

with the percent change over each month

and the way to get rid of that is very

similar to similar to how to get rid of

blank spaces and look at the table

that's in my other video on pivot tables

pro tips if you want to check that out

so the way you get rid of divs is

basically you right-click on the pivot

table anywhere it could be anywhere then

go to pivot table options you can see

here that I already have in the format

layout in formats tab under format you

can see that I have this check box for

empty cell cells show 0 that's where

this value here is showing 0 because

this isn't in my data set it's actually

just it would show blank and never jump

at the table but here I specified the

show 0 now I could do the same thing for

errors as well I can either have it show

blank or just show as 0 so that way you

can see it a change to zero percent if I

just want it to be like some text or

something or just just to show up it's


you just have a check box and then click


and then you'll have your blanks in

there for errors like it say that all

the errors or no blanks so that's

essentially how you get rid of divs and

at the same time how you replace blanks

with a 0 it's the same sort of steps you

just right-click 50 of options lay out

some formats and then check one of these

format boxes and specify what you want