What NOT TO DO when growing out your hair

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what's going on guys Alex here and I

want to talk about five things that you

should not do when you grow your hair I

have gotten I mean I am that I am

11 months in no to my hair growth

progress and I mean a lot of months is a

decent amount of time I kind of learned

a few tips and tricks along the way and

some things to follow okay tip number

one don't start your hair off at the

wrong place people might start just from

like a complete buzz cut or something

which I don't even like that kind of

hair to be honest so no offense do you

keep a buzz cut but like it's pretty

basic it's just like pretty simple I

mean nothing wrong with simplicity I

like simplicity but add some style to it

you know put some work in your hair it

looks better when you try a little bit

people like that do you want to start

out with your hair shorter on the sides

and a little bit longer on the top give

yourself maybe like three inches on the

top three inches give yourself three

inches on the top of your hair the top

of your hair which doesn't grow as fast

as the sides in the back are able to

then catch up to those and it comes in

more evenly all at all when your hair

goes in it's gonna go in evenly where

the top lines up with the sides in the

back makes that's cool tip number two

throw it away throw it throw that

shampoo right in the garbage but it's

getting don't throw the garbage keep it

around for like a once in a week sort of

use like throw it in your hair like once

a week and forget to shampoo me I don't

remember the last time I shampooed stop

with a shampooing it gets rid of like

the good oils in your hair I guess from

what I've heard it gets rid of those

sort of things I don't even know what

the oils are I mean you can do some more

research on your own if you want to but

your the shampoo it's bad I guess it's

not good so throw it away I mean if you

want hopefully won't spend too much

money on shampoo because it's shampoo

I'll be right back my tea is almost done


that's hot guys I love tea it's so good

tip number three on my list of things

that I came up with one time in the

middle of the night not conditioning

your hair I think that's kind of a thing

you should do but how do i phrase that

um stop

not conditioning your hair if you're not

conditioning it

you should start conditioned in it so a

mistake that yeah I go there I'm a

mistake that you make when you grow your

hair is that you are not conditioning

your hair I feel like a lot of guys kind

of forget about that but it actually is

really good for your hair

I'm Sanada you're really sure why

conditioning helps you but I've heard

that it's good I've looked things up and

apparently conditioning is good for your

hair so condition it because everyone

says so I guess I use art Naturals argan

oil conditioner I forget about the name

every time I say even though I've set it

on several different videos on this

channel but art Naturals argan oil

conditioner is it's nice it's unisex

smelling so if your girlfriend wants to

use it and she can - it's like 12 bucks

it's not that expensive so make sure you

condition it buy some conditioner throw

the shrimp the shampoo tip no more no

more numero uno dos tres cuatro tip

numero cuatro is not getting trims so

people think when they grow up their

hair that it's like oh no I'm done not

grow my hair anymore I'm gonna stop

cutting my hair forever and that is

where you're wrong a mistake that you

make would be to not get a trim what you

want to do is trim it up just a little

bit only a little bit I've said in the

past few videos where you don't trim

your hair it's gonna start getting

damaged on the ends which I guess

happens after a while from apparent

things that's going like life happens

and your hair gets damaged just like

your skin and or nails I guess I mean

you cut your nails everyone while you

trim them just to keep them in good

shape guess we're not growing on our

nails though so that forget about the

nail thing that's dumb

anyway just trim your hair just a little

bit when you go in all you gotta do is

like hey I'm growing on my hair all I

want to do is get rid of someone - dead

ends of

I hear some of the damaged ends of my

hair so you would only go and get your

hair trimmed every three or four months

we're trying to promote growth so we're

not going to trim my hair too much but

we're gonna trim it a little bit so it

stays as healthy as possible they'll

take care of the trim up only like maybe

like a centimeter like half a centimeter

it's not going to slow your hair growth

down too much but make sure that you are

just very vocal with whoever's cutting

your hair just tell your hairdresser

that you want to get the ends trim to

get rid of the dead ends to get rid of

these split ends and then tip number

five we are on that one now simple one

slow your roll be patient it takes a

very long time if you think your hair is

going to be this long and this amount of

time add six months to that time even if

you think oh at six months I won't

character Sam I have six months to it

because when I first started going out

my hair I figured at this point that I

was gonna be able to do like this

barbarian costume for Halloween because

right now it's like the middle of

October but my hair is not what I want

it to be I set my expectations just a

little bit too high so slowly roll be

patient I don't mean to be rude that was

kind of rude I apologize hair growth

takes a really long time like if you've

seen my past videos you know that in

those monthly updates that I do every

single month my hair only grows maybe

that much longer you're not getting that

much progress in a very long amount of

time so be patient with it that's my

final tip it was worth it I think this

video was okay I hope you enjoyed it

so it was pretty quick flying through

these things bang bang bang there's a

lot of caffeine enemas recap all the

tips number one it was not starting out

at the right place number two was

shampooing your hair too often or even

at all number three number three was not

conditioning your hair number four was

not getting trims and our last tip

number five was simply being patient if

you're committed to it it'll be worth

the effort

I'm nowhere near I want to be so I gotta

just stay patient I guess we gotta keep

it rolling alright uhm thanks for

watching this video give it a like

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in the next video