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hey guys I'm here at the OC do with

Lauren and Kelly who are kind of

education here and we're going to answer

some questions about mountain lions I


mountain lions are scary for a lot of

hikers they're scary for me

sometimes I know what to do and

occasionally I will see you know big paw

prints as we up in the mountains in my

heart we'll go concussions I look around

to see if they're looking at me and

following I figure if I'm gonna get

attacked I probably won't know about it

it's true

oh yeah so right so anyway let's start

with what most people ask the most what

do I do

if I get attacked by mountain lion that

is probably the most common question to

get and I mean I think the chances of

getting attacked in the first place are

so low that you know that if you're

attacked is kind of a broad statement

it's a little harder to answer but you

know if you're at at if you're in the

point of actually being attacked by an

animal and at that point you have to do

everything in your power to get away

from it and whether that you know just

doing a finger in an eye or a throat or

something like that wants the animals on

you you're kind of at a point where

whatever you can do to get it off of you

and away from it is your best-case

scenario it's not like a play dad know

that one wouldn't be my recommendation

at least because your chances I'm sure

like no and encountering them are so

rare what is it it's you see them

they've already long seen you and so you

know preventive is huge like you said

being aware of your surroundings if you

are hiking in a known area you know take

the earbuds out be aware of what's going

on and if you do see them that's amazing

you are so lucky

yeah sure some people out you know they

really are easily intimidated if people

do who do spot them typically say they

see them outline and then it runs you

know I another very normal react

for them but we are lucky that we have

animals that are so easily intimidated

Sophie baby loud you have little ones

with you get them high because kids are

going to be you know an easier prey for

them so get them on your shoulders if

you have a jacket wave it off the larger

you look you know the less likely it is

to approach you louder you are

definitely you know if you're nervous

sing songs talk laugh about it but let

animals know that your presence what if

the other that's all there's a dog about

them to be hiking this country or not

that either you know I you hear more

about like coyotes interacting with dogs

who plays and you do Mount Lyons you

know if it's a dog friendly trail get

him out there with you tory's I've heard

of people having dogs they bark you know

that actually helps deter them from

approaching you but they really are a

more reclusive animal you know they're

not one that's going to want to become

an avenue I think that's the biggest

misconception people think that they're

out there hunting us that's not true at


well even having a job is kind of like

having a second person with you it's a

second set of eyes so another fact that

we give people is don't necessarily go

out by yourself you know so having a dog

with you is kind of an extra precaution

as well on those trails gotcha so the

one thing I get asked about a lot is

there was a famous famous but a popular

story at I think it was Red Rock Canyon

winning ranch where a mountain lion was

following people and then attacked what

is that something that's like out of the

water I think I know the one you're

talking about and I think they actually

removed that mountain lion because that

is not normal I did hear about a story

where you know the woman was trying to

scare him off and it did not respond and

it was removed from the area and there's

typically something wrong with that

animal whether it's sick whether it's to

see you know there's usually something

we'll know when

there because I feel like the Bobcats

the Coyotes have got a little more used

to you know the human development and

are a little more difficult to scare off

at times but the mountain lion says

that's definitely not a normal I think

that's you know I've read about that but

I've taken thousands of hours all over

I've never met anyone who's Tina and

whiting ranch is one you know where you

have a thriving deer population where

you're saying you know it's not uncommon

as the main food source for them so if

you have a thriving deer population

you're going to be more likely to have

the predator of that prey you know

keeping the natural balance is what you

want I definitely you know in the middle

of Irvine Park here it's not some place

we're going to commonly see a mountain

lion coming through they're gonna you

know stay further out them is a deer the

main prey of mountain lion or they

believe pretty much anything that don't

know after smaller food sources but dear

I would say that's like they're kicking

la manana number one choice though yeah

I always when I'm hiking and I do see

mule deer or some kind of deer around

here I'm always a little more aware

absolutely yeah think about that well so

the other thing is if you do happen to

get attacks rewind to get it off you

hold all possible ways would you say

like hiking with like trekking poles or

maybe bear spray anything that kind of

stuff would help if you're very if

you're really scared don't worry about

this bring it hiking sticks absolutely

you know I've known people that will

intentionally hike with a stick because

they can you that absolutely as a weapon

so animals were people you know that's

probably figure even as Lauren said you

know precautionary wear bells you know

if you're that worried in the first

place like there's something that's

going to make noise as you're on the

trails in the first place that's going

to help deter any predators you're going

to come across anyway yeah and I do that

in spirit how useful it is but they're

probably used to yeah I did see there's

a video I think it's a guy in Vancouver

is like an ultra runner

he's running on a dirt road in the

middle of nowhere and a lion comes out

and you had that bear spray with them I

needed you know right away you just want

to be downwind back when you spray a


mountain is running after you can you

run away from it like that that's the

last thing you want to do you think of

it that's what our food does it's

instinctual for them you know once

something's running fast and essentially

they're going to chase it yeah even with

our mountain lions that live here at the

zoo that have been with us since they

were month-old get a tiny toddler

running in front of their exhibit you

don't know why but they want to chase it

instinctual for them so running is the

last thing you want to do if you see any

of our predators in the area yeah and

they are faster no matter how mad they

are faster and they can climb better and

good point so if I should I be looking

in trees too if I'm on the lookout for

them tree you know a rocky ledge you

know a lot of times they will ambush

their prey and so if you know you're

running by and they're hanging out in a

tree you know a lot of times we need to

hear of attacks there unfortunately

runners they're mountain bikers like

Kelly said they're things moving away

quickly and I do you know I spent a lot

of time on the trails and it always

amazes me how many people just aren't

being aware of their surroundings and

you are you know you're headed into the

backcountry sometimes it's definitely

there are threats out there that you

just need to be aware of but it should

never stop you I mean it's their ribbons

are so I mean their chances of you know

these dangerous encounters are so rare

so how many how many deaths do you get I

know there's been over a decade since

the last attack even I don't

statistically have the numbers but you

know it is again you know it's been over

a decade since we've even kind of threat

of it and you do you get guests here

that are just terrified of getting on

the trail because they see the big cats

here at the zoo and they go oh I don't

want to run into that and I Kelly send

us on our bucket in passing of course

I'd like to do something but still to

see one in the wild

those people are lucky yeah yeah I'd

have come across but I'm alive

they are huge I'll show you some video

after this of them but there you know

when you see pictures of lions on

National Geographic that's what they are

they are big and that's one of the I

think the other thing that happens is

people mistake them with Bobcats very

often and like you said there's a huge

size difference between yeah I don't

think a bobcat maybe you're dead already

a bobcat would sure you tell me maybe

even that's a stretch I feel yeah

so you mentioned making noise when

you're out to stay away from them

is there anything else just just be as

loud as possible be aware no headphones

yeah you know you're out of nature enjoy

it that makes sense um so is there a way

to tell that a mountain lion is an

active around like you know back here in

the hills and I'll see a big cat print

without the without the the claws and I

just I've researched it so I know and

I'll see that but is there are there

common signs like you know bears scratch

the trees and things like that yeah I

mean these cats can move very large

distances so I'm you know fresh scat

print things like that that's good I

think the your more common

they will cache or hide their food so

you've had people that have come across

you know a deer carcass that's covered

you know in probably a mountain lions

like you said a bobcats not going to be

out there yeah that's covering on the

deer but I you know on the trails that

I've encountered the scat or coops and

the prints seem to be the most obvious

lines but again just because you see a

print it doesn't mean that that mountain

line wasn't there you know many days ago

or hasn't traveled many miles since that

because they do it such a large range

what what is the rancher a male will

have a range of over 20 or 30 mile

traveled there's no one else in that

territories like one can usually overlap

some female territory to one males

overlaps a female character so what

about for like you don't get a lot of

deer hunting here in the west coast from

the east coast

a lot of times people here and sometimes

they're not good about it they leave a

car guess or the will will be parts of

an animal is that something to stay away

from general where is it so rare that

I'll definitely attract predators I'd

mail out I think even will go after a

free meal left out on the table so yeah

you know stuff like that is I mean for a

predator it's gonna be a lot easier than

finding yeah I would imagine with all

the Predators present that it would

disappear attics pretty good you know

the whole truth everybody is so we're in

general team mountain lions who live

like I know they lived in and areas

obviously where there's prey like we

climb in the desert we find them look at

altitude everywhere they have a huge bit

more South America in the desert will

react to instantly were able to attend a

mountain lion presentation where they

had radio colors and we were able to see

the music they're knocking across all

courses I mean they're getting around

it's wonderful to see you know you're

happy they're making the movement as

definitely they've got a huge range that

they can adapt to a lot of different

environments so you might even see one

on and off it's not the time I've used

by animals it's like in simple days

officer on the dumpster

coyotes everything on damp out like a

sore thumb out there you know when

you're out on a trail I was just in

Griffith Park couple weeks ago and it

was at 5:30 and I'm driving up the

street and doesn't apply to me from all

the trash can so your chances are city's

more dangerous and if I do spot one is

there some sort of standard procedure

right to call somebody and let them know

or yeah any amount line that you come

across you're gonna want to let you know

a ranger know so they can be aware days

in the area and the parks are great they

usually put a notice other than a you

know just said what a hiker Nellie

identified one but again Kelly said they

can move Maya so even if I'm deciding

you know I tell people not to worry

chances are and that I think that freaks

people out of the mosquitoes you were

about one time they second-guess their

swiftly but again they can be found

anywhere you go in the United States

there's no chance of running the mess

well is there anything else that you

would tell somebody who's apprehensive

about hiking be president mesic we

covered a lot of I think your chances of

getting struck by lightning are way

higher than your chances of dying by

being attacked by mountain

three hikers here and we see here oh


thank you so much and yeah get out of

the trail don't let it stop you when you

see one