8 Steps to Prevent Stroke

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every day we perform life-saving

procedures to reverse stroke but we tell

our patients the best way to treat a

stroke is to prevent it by taking these

eight steps you can drastically cut your

risk of a stroke know your blood

pressure it's important to know what

your blood pressure is an ideal blood

pressure for stroke prevention is less

than 120 over 80 you should check it

periodically to know what your numbers

are running pay attention to your heart

rhythm the heart rhythm is an important

risk factor for stroke and your regular

heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation

can dramatically increase your risk for

stroke quit smoking smoking is a very

important risk factor which you can take

control of smoking more than quadruple

your risk for stroke drink alcohol in

moderation heavy drinking can increase

your risk for strokes and also leads to

high blood pressure and high cholesterol

so it's important to drink in moderation

and ideal goal would be no more than two

drinks a day for a man and one drink for

a woman control your blood sugar people

who have high blood sugar and diabetes

have more than double the risk for

stroke and heart disease have your

cholesterol tested clogged arteries from

high cholesterol can lead to stroke and

heart disease a total goal is the total

cholesterol less than 200 cut salt and

fat from your diet it's important to cut

salt in fat from your diet these can

lead to high blood pressure and high

cholesterol the lowering this will help

lower your respect as per stroke

exercise regular exercise can go a long

way to reducing the risk factors for

stroke and heart disease

this helps lower your blood pressure as

well as your cholesterol something as

simple as walking 20 to 30 minutes 3 to

4 times a week and really lower your

risk factors

take these eight steps to cut your

stroke risk because the best way to

treat a stroke is to prevent it