Midlife Crisis - How To Prevent It

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so how to prevent the midlife crisis I

know I myself am rather young I'm just

23 years old I'm study psychology but

I'm just telling you what psychologists

are saying about this topic and also

philosophers and other smart people so

first of all let's look into the pattern

of a midlife crisis how this happens

usually it's basically the prototype

people following for 30 40 50 years the

strategy of delayed gratification they

play the if-then game also following the

wrong values if I finished high school

if I finished University if I got it kit

I got a girlfriend I got a house and

when all this is there then I will be

happy but not now and then they follow

this and follow this also there are some

superimposed well using goals I got to

find a decent job I have to have a

family because that's what people do and

then at some point they reach that and

then maybe they're 40 years old standing

in their nice house realizing wait

that's it that's the life damn now I'm

gonna die at some point and I probably

got already more than 50 percent over

then they change strategy from delayed

gratification to instant gratification

I'm having an affair now and then you a

sports car now enjoying in life now then

they do that then they realize oh I'm

still not happy some commit suicide

that's a very extreme example others

just accept life as it is you know okay


they basically die psychologically and

others they change their perspective

they change their thinking style they

realize wait I have to follow my deepest

virtues what I well you not what other

well use but what I deeply well you

independent of how much money I get or

how much how much prestige or status

what do I really want

philosophers talk about this Stowe

assists talk about this Aristotle is

talking about this when he's saying

follow your deepest virtue that's how

you live a good life philosophy of

living a good life and also

psychologists such as APA Abraham Maslow

came up with a higher pyramid of meets

self actualized human beings they figure

out their true self and lift it up so

then people realize oh I actually really

love thinking about human beings helping

human beings I'm a supporter I should do

more this and not have this technical

job over there or maybe I always love

being more on my own figuring out things

on my own doing something more technical

I should do more this or anything but

basically then they shift the behavior

by figuring out more than choose two

values and if you just do this much

earlier you're not gonna have this deep

midlife crisis of then fully changing

your direction life because you already

followed the true virtue of virtue of

yourself so do this as soon as possible

I know it's tricky I know it's hard

it's always a struggle you will then

probably always have crisis in between

little ones what should I do Who am I

this endless question but just be okay

with uncertainty and try to follow your

heart I know this is such a such a

cliche advice but that's actually

basically how you prevent the midlife


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