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you just ended your relationship I get

it the pain it cuts deep is raw the

emotional pain that you're feeling right

now it literally feels like someone is

stabbing you from the moment you wake up

until the moment you go to sleep this is

because there is almost no difference

between physical and emotional pain the

end of your relationship feels like

someone physically ripped your heart out

stomped on it a few times set it on fire

and then put it back into your chest

yeah it's really that bad I know from

personal experience something that you

have to understand is that the longer

the relationship was the deeper the pain

you will feel and it will take longer to

recover if you're with someone for ten

years or if you broke up because they

did you wrong in an unimaginable way

it's going to take some time to heal

this wound the emotional pain that

you're feeling is like having a crazy

guy trapped inside of a cage within you

at first he'll break out of the cage all

the time and each time this happens

you'll experience a wide range of

emotions like feeling sad or angry over

time the guy in the cage will start to

get tired of trying to break out as this

happens you'll notice the episodes of

sadness and anger start to become less

frequent the first thing that you have

to do to get over your ex is to accept

the fact that there is no hope if you're

watching this I'm assuming you're

probably not the one who broke things

off the biggest mistake that you can

make is telling yourself there's still

hope emotionally your brain cannot start

the healing process until you've

accepted the fact that there is no hope

that you'll ever get back with this

person once you do this the healing can


there are over 7.5 billion people on the

planet for a successful relationship

you only need one in other words there's

a lot of fish in the sea it's true that

you'll never find anyone exactly like

your ex but if you actually start

looking the odds are good that you'll

find someone who is an even better fit

for you then your ex could have ever

been the truth is that most people have

an image in their head of this perfect

guy or girl but what really happens is

they end up settling in some cases they

settle for the first guy or girl who

shows interest and they never truly

explore their options if you got dumped

I Got News for you

there's nothing wrong with you in fact

it wasn't you it was the other person

you have to understand that you were the

diamond not them let the other person

try to find another like you others will

try to imitate you and take your place

but they'll never be like you

they don't have it like that yeah you

love the other person at one point but

not anymore

let them go search for someone like you

they'll never find it nobody will ever

be able to fill your shoes and you know

this once you understand that it's the

other person's loss you can instantly

get over them did you know that there is

no such thing as the one

I know I know since birth you've been

programmed to think that there is this

magical person out there that will have

everything you could ever want you

probably thought that this person was

the one the truth is that with billions

of people on the planet there is no

shortage of options for you there's no

way around the fact that breakups are

painful both of you will walk away with

pain and you'll need to carry that

baggage for quite some time the truth is

that if you're a guy statistically you

should experience less pain than the

girl this is a huge advantage for you

because it means you can recover faster

and move on if you're a girl just

realize that it will take a bit longer

to find a new normal after breaking up

with someone the biggest mistake that

people make is taking it personally this

is especially true for us guys when we

break up with someone we're more likely

to act like idiots and hook up with a

bunch of random partners because we're

trying to maintain our self-esteem girls

are more likely to feel depressed and

engage in activities with friends and

family one of the best things that you

can do after you exit a relationship is

to spend a lot of time with family and

friends or whatever support network you

have while in a relationship most people

tend to make the other person the center

of their life and they stop socializing

and spending time with friends and

family if this describes your situation

start spending more time with your

friends and family getting over your ex

is like quitting a bad habit the first

few days weeks or months are the hardest

but over time the pain will lessen they

say that time heals all wounds and in

almost every situation

is true just accept the fact that there

is no hope of getting back together

quitting a bad habit means avoiding

situations that will remind you of the

other person to start the recovery

process off right you should burn or

give away anything you own that has to

do with your ex because by holding on to

these items you're unknowingly fooling

yourself into thinking that there is

hope that you'll get back together

there's also a saying that the fastest

way to get over someone is to get under

someone else most guys will take that

literally but it really just means to

start dating what you have to realize is

that there is no way around the pain the

longer the relationship the harder it's

going to hurt a 1-year relationship

won't hurt nearly as much as a 10 or 20

year relationship a major mistake that

most people make especially guys is

viewing the break-up as a failure as

guys a breakup actually makes us feel

like we're losers this is because our

psychology categorizes everything in our

life into accomplishments or failures

it's always a good idea to spend a short

bit of time thinking about the

relationship and what you could have

done better maybe you could have been

less jealous or more romantic don't look

at these things as failures instead just

look at them as things that you can do

better for the next girl or guy

something you've probably heard people

say is you can't love someone else until

you love yourself and this is true if

you have major problems with jealousy or

insecurities work on eliminating these

problems before entering into a new

relationship if you have low self-esteem

or a similar problem work on fixing that

issue first if you're so broke that you

can't even buy things to help you feel

better and move on work on fixing this

problem first one of the best things

that you can do after a relationship is

to find the silver lining which is an

expression for finding the good hidden

within the bat after exiting the

relationship you might feel like your

life is over

but the truth is that it's just

beginning get excited you get to start a

new chapter of your life maybe even the

most exciting one it's a great time to

start improving yourself work on

improving your character your confidence

your finances make some new friends and

at the end of the day realize that it's

the other person's

they'll probably spend the rest of their

life trying to find someone to fill your

shoes but to no end they might find

someone who will try but they'll never

be like you

with that said until next time thanks

for watching