Falling In Love With A Married Man | Do's and Don'ts

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- Falling in love with a married man

do's and don'ts.

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So ladies, I know how you feel.

He is, let's see,

handsome, charming,

he told you everything,

what you want to hear

and he's done it so smooth

that it ran straight into your heart.

You felt connection,

and oh my god,

you feel like you have never felt this way before.

But there is just one problem,

he is married.

However, you had this conversation

and he told you the truth,

but then he said,

me and my wife,

we don't get on anymore,

she always nags and complains.

I am with her just for the kids.

She's crazy,

if I will break up with her,

she might jump off the bridge

and I'm too scared to do that

or we just live together,

we sleep in separate beds,

we don't get on,

I want to leave her,

I want to get a divorce soon,

the chemistry is not the same,

and just whatever else that he has told you.

If he was looking straight into your eyes

and you were having the vibration and connection

and the physical attraction

while he was telling you this information,

even though you're trying to be logical,

the emotions are taking over

'cause you feel like you're falling for him.

Ladies, let's talk about the do's and don'ts,

what happens when you fall in love with a married man.

Let's start with the don'ts, the don'ts.

Ladies, you know a person who is a charming character,

he's not a charming character just to you.

He is a charming character to everyone else as well.

He has worked a lot on being

a seductive, charming character.

The fakes that he telling you,

for example, me and my wife

are not sleeping in the same beds anymore,

we don't have sex,

we're staying there just for the kids,

you're so amazing, so beautiful,

wow, you're so wonderful.

If I would have met you 10 years ago,

I would've never married my wife,

I would have married you on the spot.

You know, ladies,

this is all charms,

this is all words.

He has told this stuff to the other girls before.


Because he is, for whichever reason,

bored of his wife

and is looking for a side chick

for a bit of entertainment.

Now, think about it logically,

how will he make you into a side chick

if he will be telling you the truth?

If he'll say,

look, my wife does everything for us,

my wife takes care of my kids,

my wife is wonderful,

she is so giving,

she's so caring,

but I'm such a that I want

to cheat on her 'cause I'm bored

and I'm looking for entertainment.

Would you sign up for this

if he would tell you a bare truth just like that?

No, of course you would not.

So what he needs to do if he wants that entertainment,

he needs to come up with a logical strategy

that women get hooked on.

At the same time, though,

not every single woman gets hooked on this strategy.

A lot of girls are logical

and they have values and morals

and we knew what's wrong and what's right.

So he is specifically looking for a naive, gullible

and desperate one that will fall into this trap.

Ladies, men play games.

They play a lot of games,

especially guys who are successful

and know how to sell themselves.

This stuff for them actually comes really natural

'cause that's what we do with our business.

You need to be a charismatic

character to get people to like you.

So then you nail at these skills,

you literally apply to the dating scene,

and it works like magic.

Most of the games,

I literally just created a package for sale

that I'm sharing all the games that men play on women.

And you can actually get that package

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The second don't is,

ladies, if you will try

and get with a married guy,

I want you to think about it.

No matter what he says,

if he has a family,

even if there is no kids,

there is still a family,

her side of friends, her side of family,

his side of friends,

his side of family.

If they have kids,

you are not just getting involved with a married man,

you are getting involved with his side of the family,

her side of the family.

By getting involved into his family,

you are damaging and breaking the hearts,

not just of wife,

but of the kids as well.

There is a huge picture involved behind the marriage.

And to break their whole family

to get involved in it as a side chick

just because you fell in love with a fantasy,

seriously, girls,

you know what I mean.

So now, since we looked at the don'ts,

let's look at the do's.

Let's look at why you are finding

this married man so attractive.

So ladies, girls who go for guys

who have girlfriends or wives,

girls who let themselves to be seduced by that person,

and yes, ladies,

the reason I say let yourself

because in all time,

you are in control of yourself.

You are in control of your behavior.

You may not be able to control him,

but you always are in control of your behavior.

So if you let yourself to fall for him,

you will fall for him.

So if you are letting yourself to fall for a taken man,

it's because somewhere deep inside,

you don't see your own value and worth.

And because you don't see your own value and worth,

you are acting desperate.

Then we make our decisions based on desperation.

This is how we fail in life.

This is how we make the biggest mistakes.

If you are in a situation where you feel

like you're getting hooked

or falling for a married man,

I would really recommend you

to get my ultimate self-love course,

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If you're choosing to fall for someone who is taken,

you are showing to yourself

and others that you don't have enough of self-love.

A woman who really, really loves herself,

she wouldn't even flirt with a married guy for one second.

And this is how she would set a boundary

before a married guy would never chat her up

because he would see that she's not naive or gullible.

However, when he flirts with you

and you flirt with him back for a few minutes,

he gets the green light,

oh, naive and gullible.

Many values morals or self-respect,

not much of self-love.

Therefore, he gets a green light to go for her

as potentially he can make her into a side chick.

It is the key points that

I want you to understand from this video are,

first, if you are falling for a married man

is you do not have enough of self-love.

You do not see yourself as a queen,

as a diamond.

You are going for him because in some way or the other,

you're feeling desperate.

Therefore, what you need to do is learn

how to love yourself first so you don't put yourself

in such ridiculous situations in a future.

The second point, ladies,

people play games.

Men, women, everyone plays games.

In order to be manipulated

by the people who play the games,

you need to have all the knowledge

of the games and understand it.

As only when you have the knowledge

and understand it,

you will not let anyone to manipulate you,

you will see everything not in fantasy colors,

but in clear reality colors

and when you see everything how it is,

everything real,

this is when you will be able

to make your decision on who is a cool guy

and who is a guy who just plays games

and tags you along.

For this, as I said,

you need to know their games.

As only when you know it,

you understand how it's done,

you know what is the right way to respond to it.

You do not get manipulated

or used in life

such as being a side chick.

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