How To Reject A Guy Without Hurting Him.Reject A Guy Nicely Without Hurting His Feelings

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how to reject a guy without hurting him

reject a guy nicely without hurting his

feelings if you want to reject a guy

nicely there are certain things you need

to do so you don't end up hurting him

find out what you should do it how to

reject him nicely how do you reject a

guy who is madly in love with you

without hurting him you want to put it

to an end because this dating doesn't

seem like it's working for you what do

you do in this scenario breaking up with

a guy a nicely as not easy keep in mind

that this guy has feelings even if you

are calling it quits and you could hurt

him some men are sensitive to rejection

while others are very understanding how

he will react depends on how he has been

pursuing you he might understand and

move on or he may need a concrete

confirmation that indeed you are not

interested one do not take too long to

reject a guy who likes you if you wait

too long you won't be able to put the

message across in a clear manner it is

not going to be easy and you obviously

don't want to hurt his feelings

you are also protecting yourself because

you still want to look attractive and

loveable if you know there is no chance

for him in your heart don't make him

believe otherwise he will be devastated

when he commits himself only to find his

efforts have not borne fruits he will

actually be angry if you know very well

that you are not interested kindly let

him know as early as possible to

minimize the possibility of a negative

reaction from this man to prepare for an

uncomfortable moment as much as you

don't want an awkward moment to occur it

is bound to happen nonetheless you

should actually get ready for the worst

what if he asks to take you out for

dinner again

look at all possible scenarios and

create hypothetical answers and then you

will build up the courage to put the

message across nicely without hurting

him 3 be honest if you want to reject

him nicely honesty will put you at ease

if a guy offers to take you out but you

are not interested you must be straight

to the point and make it clear that you

mean no you don't have to be rude unless

he provokes you and the truth is you

don't need to explain yourself the

reason you have to reject him don't lie

to him by claiming to be busy or giving

him hopes that you might be available

next week

that way he will continue chasing you

until you agree to hang out and if he

realizes you are stringing him he will

be as disappointed telling him you are

not ready yet to date is pointless what

if he sees you next week with a new guy

hanging out in town or continues to see

you on a dating site he will know that

you lied to him and there are various

terrible things a rejected guy could do

to you like wanting to hurt you

be honest for your safety and respect

for the guy telling him that he's not

interesting or attractive as a bad idea

or something like I can't picture

getting intimate with you can agitate

him and he might get back at you

rather let him know that it's fun

hanging out with him but you don't feel

the chemistry or he is a great guy but

you are not interested in him the way he

would want finally thank him for the

wonderful date and wish him good luck

with his future girlfriends for learn to

be assertive to reject a guy nicely one

of the biggest fears you could be having

as saying no to a guy and making him

feel dejected chances are that he will

bounce back turning someone down as hard

so practice making a sincere and strong

affirmation this is the time to be

articulate and tell him nicely that you

cannot reciprocate his feelings you have

been kind and gentle for a long time but

this time you have to let him know that

if he keeps pursuing you you will get

agitated of course he will want to get a

reasonable reason why you have decided

to reject him and even if you give an

explanation he will not be satisfied he

will want to know more you don't need to

feel like a criminal being questioned by

police so just put your message clear

without going into details no answer

from you can please him anyway 5 how to

reject a guy nicely over text the first

thing that happens when you reject a guy

is that his ego gets bruised some guys

don't show it but the truth is that

rejection by a woman overwhelms them

emotionally he might overreact if

especially he takes alcohol this is

something you don't want to see not

unless he has been your long-term

boyfriend you can break up over text

message without hurting him it is a

smart move if you don't know much about

this guy note that he will continue to

text you to find out why you denied his

love he might even beg you insult or

blame you the point is you don't owe him


explanations are justification if he

sends an insulting text ignore it

because you won't solve anything by

sending back insults you will only

aggravate the situation if you insult

him he might demean you do not reason

out with an angry man he might continue

to text you back to make you feel guilty

but do not let him change your mind if

you don't want to be friends do not let

him force you if he proves impossible

delete or block him and stop reading his

messages 6 be sure of what to say to

reject him nicely when you think you are

ready to reject a guy without hurting

him make sure you know what you want to

say to him

cliches such as this is not about you

but me should not come out of your mouth

being honest and direct will help you

break up the relationship nicely avoid

sounding too blunt are telling him

meaningless stuff that can cause him

pain rehearse every word and statement

you will say in front of him 7

understand his reactions once you reject

him even after rejecting him nicely he

might feel sad angry disillusioned or

insulted this is very normal like in any

other type of breakup the last thing you

should do is to try to comfort the guy

as if he is still your lover don't be

offensive either comforting him will

cause drama what you need to do is to be

gentle and crystal-clear 8 you don't

need to apologize when you reject a guy

there is nothing to be sorry about

rejecting a guy it won't help him or

make him feel better only more miserable

you are not a bad person if you reject a

guy and there is nothing you owe him not

a kiss a date or any breakup thing he

might ask for apologizing to him means

you pity him and it's like you want to

call out the rejection making the

situation embarrassing the best way to

reject a guy nicely is to make it look

like a small deal you shouldn't be

embarrassed for him 9 continue with the

friendship sometimes you don't romantic

feelings for a guy but he is simply

amazing as a friend in which case you

cannot afford to lose him tell him that

you cannot go out with him but would

wish to continue being friends this is

an answer you can give when you are not

sure what you want take your time to

figure things out you might change your

mind in future

ten act as if his proposal has offended

you some men are so persistent but very

nice at the same time if he cannot stop

chasing you after you said no sit him

down and let him know that his actions

are upsetting you tell him that he has

been spoiling your days by bombarding

your phone with text messages he will

stop his incessant proposals if you show

him that you are reasonable there is no

reason to come off harshly try as much

as possible to use polite words such as

I appreciate that you are inviting me

for dinner but no thanks if he pushes

back spell out a plain no and you will

have rejected him without hurting his

feelings eleven avoid reinitiating

communication unless you are playing

hard-to-get leave him alone so he can

get himself together if you have you

have been communicating so much over

text put it to rest

otherwise you will be respecting his

hopes remember your idea is to break up

without hurting him and if it fails to

work a second time he will feel more

miserable 12 watch out for manipulation

you already know the tricks men used to

get women in tight spots such as buying

you alcohol he knows that if you have

too much to drink you will be left in a

compromising situation and you cannot

stay firm to your know he might suggest

taking you to his place for dinner in

which case saying no to him will not be

easy beware of these tricks that can

easily get you manipulated and

pressurized tell him you neither want

any drinks nor go to his place you will

avoid situations that will make it hard

for you to say no it requires a lot of

practice to know how to say no

confidence as the key if you learn to

make your yes mean yes and your no to

mean to nobody would ever manipulate you

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