How To Ignore A Man In A Way That Hurts Him

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how to ignore a man in a way that hurts

him there are many times when a man

needs to lose the woman he has by his

side to realize her true value

unfortunately this is because women all

know with which head men think and once

they have consummated their whim they

believe they can recover their normal

life by her side without consequences

but this is rarely the case regardless

of whether you have decided to give him

a new opportunity or leave him forever

the only way for a man to learn the

lesson is to experience pain the pain of

your indifference can be very powerful

if you know how to play your cards so if

you want to know how to ignore a man and

hurt him take note of these tips 1 get

prettier than ever this can literally

drive him crazy

knowing that suddenly he cannot have you

will trigger his desire for you but if

you also invest a little money in

becoming irresistible he will bite his

fists hair extensions sexy clothes

whatever is needed to smile and have fun

without him nothing of staying at home

crying in the corners you have to go out

and have more fun than ever if possible

by the areas in which he usually moves

so he can see it with his own eyes but

if not do not stop documenting your

little parties with your mobile and

uploading them to Facebook his inside

will burn 3 greet him coldly if you come

across him nothing of making an angry

face or smiling at him as if nothing had


a cold greeting if possible avoiding eye

contact will be a slap in the face for

his ego it's like throwing a message

that says you do not deserve that I lose

a second of my time in you 4 do not

reply to his messages sooner or later

he'll end up spending hours stuck on his

mobile sending you whatsapp messages and

asking to talk to you do not even think

about giving him that pleasure simply

ignore all his communications and also

make sure that the double blue check is

activated so he knows that you have read

them 5 conduct alone the plans you head

together do you remember all those plans

that you had together it does not matter

if they were climbing a mountain taking

a trip to Thailand or traveling wherever

the really important thing is that

however painful it may be you have the

courage to carry them out by yourself


not only will increase your value as a

person before his eyes but when he finds

out he will suffer twice as much as you

have suffered six do not congratulate

him on special dates birthdays

anniversaries and special dates have the

capacity to revive the flame of hope

even if you have given unequivocal signs

that you do not plan to return to his

side but I guarantee that on one of

those dates he will wait for you to

renew some feeling for the good times of

the past and you have a moment of

weakness that allows him to regain his

former position and it is even possible

that this is the case because some women

are that silly and sensitive but you

must be able to contain yourself that

day like all others absolute silence

when the zero hundred is over and his

hope has been frustrated once more he

will bang his head against the wall

cursing himself for how stupid he was

seven take advantage of social networks

to flirt with others do you think this

way of acting is too cruel

well the icing on the cake is still

missing if there is something that a man

takes worse than indifference is to

replace him with another it does not

mean that you have to throw yourself

into the arms of the first gallant that

crosses your path although you can do it

if you want but it is advisable that you

recover your ability to flirt and use

social networks for it so that he does

not have a choice but to see it even if

his eyes bleed and remembered the

mysterious phrases give a lot of play

and will trigger his imagination even if

you have not really done anything with

that boy or do not intend to do it he

should imagine that your encounters with

him end in torrid sex sessions to learn

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