How to get rid of REGRET & ANXIETY (The Power of Now)

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what are the two most common bad

feelings you can think of there's a 99%

chance that you'll probably respond with

regret and anxiety regret it's the

constant stream of thoughts about the

past while anxiety is a constant stream

of thoughts about the future when you

wake up ten minutes late in the morning

your first thought would be

I overslept I wish I had not hit the

snooze button followed up by oh no now

I'll be late for work and I'm sure my

boss will yell at me and there you go

you've ruined at least the first half of

your date with regret and anxiety

because you are thinking about the past

and the future when you try to avoid

making mistakes the chance is greater

than you actually make the mistake

because you are too focused on the

future instead of being focused on the

present moment and then after you've

already made the mistake you might try

to analyze the situation why you've made

the mistake and what you could have done

differently this will lead you to make

even more mistake because you are so

focused on the past instead of being

focused on the present most of the

suffering is created in the mind in

order to stop suffering you have to

silence your mind you have to live in

the present moment living in any other

moment than the present is pretty much

useless because when you think about it

the past is nothing more than all

present moments that have gone by and

the future is just collection of present

moments waiting to arrive the present

moment is all you ever have make the now

the primary focus of your life whenever

you set goals don't expect any results

focus only on the execution focus only

on the now when you succeed that is fine

when you fail that is also fine and just

keep going except the present moment as

if you've chosen it for yourself say yes

to life say yes the present moment to

learn more about how to access and use

the power of the present moment you

should read the power of now by Eckhart

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