How to Deal with Jealous People

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how do you deal with jealous people you

know when someone's either jealous of

you because of your accomplishments your

achievements your efforts or when people

are just because you know they don't

trust you they're you're in a

relationship and you just have this

person who's jealous all the time

because of their background and they are

always worried you're gonna cheat on or

do something awful or somebody at work

is jealous of you because you got the

promotion like either way all of that is

other people's insecurities being tossed

at you my friend so how do you deal with

that and stay sane and stay on your path

which by the way you should do let me

give you four I Diaz first and foremost

realized whenever there's ever any

judgment or jealousy in general check

this out you got one of two options you

either affirm the other person or you

ignore it okay

affirm the other person means you know

if somebody is so worried like let's say

you're in an intimate relationship and

it's your partner your spouse your lover

and now it's like they're always jealous

you got it firm them you'd say I

understand it jealous but I love you

honey things gonna be fine

stop worrying about this and all you can

do is be patient and kind and caring and

continually loving through their

jealousy they got to figure out their

own stuff and unless you're a therapist

or a coach or you're equipped with

dealing with that you know how hard it

is to get other people to change if you

need some advice on that watch some my

other youtube videos but you get the

idea it's it's hard change people so all

you can do is affirm them welcome their

own insecurities vulnerabilities accept

them where they're at be kind and

compassionate with them as they're

dealing with their insecurities but on

the other side the other option is to

just ignore it in 99% of the world's

jealousy you should absolutely

completely ignore when other people say

well who do you think you are when other

people you know say well it was easy for

you and other people are jealous because

you worked your tail off and you achieve

things and now they're trying to claw

you back down to their level don't let

them do it

ignore the hate online ignore their

stupid side comments ignore their little

you know what do you call that that like

they want to say something to you but

they don't so they hold it back and then

they overhear they take an action

against you you know I'm talking about

all those things you need to ignore

those people not let it hook you not let

it bring you down to their level not

ever let you stop being on your path

which leads to my second piece of advice

and this is really important revisit

your why what is it you really want of

life and why you know I've always found

in motivation if you read my book the

motivation manifesto you know that our

main search is to find that power to

truly be ourselves and pursue the things

that we really care about that matter to

us that is be ourselves fully seek those

things enliven us and bring our passions

alive so check that out that's what you

got to continue doing yet to revisit why

do I want to live my best life why do I

want to achieve this thing because if

you're not clear about why you want what

you want then everybody else claw at you

or being jealous of saying negative

comments or you know it's kind of

sideswiping you all the time Ellie will

derail you if you're not clear about

your mission your purpose your drive

which you really want your goals have

that vision and don't let anybody to

claw you back from that number three

this is huge huge huge and people forget

this all the time it's about I don't

know how to say this without sounding

bad but getting better despite them you

know what I mean get better be even more

excellent when people just l-look at her

how easy she's got it you know what

Excel even more oh sure you can do this

because you had your spoon yet rather

than they all said is get better you

know get better not to spite them but

despite them so that you can continually

cry climb on your own path to excellence

cuz here's what happens a lot of people

as someone too achieves more and more

levels excellence maybe they were

jealous at the beginning but then they

start seeing it and they start seeing

that there's art to what you're doing

that there's science to what you're

doing that there's hard work and effort

and the longer you're at it and the more

guy because you know people are usually

jealous of short term success but

long-term success

most people they admire they go wow she

really worked for it I've seen her year

after year after year and it's paying

off for her good for her

good for him so in other words keep at

it get better develop your level of

excellence and you know what the more

momentum you get in life the more

believers you tend to get as well and

those last piece of advice number four

it's so straightforward and I think it

will really serve you always remember to

serve others on your way up you know be

humble and grateful for what you have

but don't forget to also be social with

that a lot of jealousy or the negativity

that comes at us is because people think

that we're narcissistic we're in it for

ourselves that we don't care about

anybody else or they're jealous and the

real insecurities that will leave them

that they'll get left behind so they say

these you know weird comments but what

they're really saying is please don't

leave what they're really saying is you

know don't become somebody who's all

about the success or the money or the

fame or the wealth or the accolades or

the statues whatever it is right they

want to know that you're still human and

the best way to demonstrate that and the

most needed thing you need to do is you

continue to succeed is reach out and

help those others who are on the same

path of life maybe just a few yards

behind you help lift them up you know as

Booker T Washington taught us there's

two ways to exert strength one is

pushing down and the other is pulling up

so pull some people up help people offer

guiding hand give donate serve volunteer

still be out among people serving and

helping don't become one of those you

know people who becomes lost in the

Hollywood Hills all by yourself just

thinking about your own self staring at

your belly button all day thinking how

self-important you are be that person

who's still out there helping guiding

serving supporting champion other people

because you know what you can always

hate people but it's hard to hate

somebody who's a champion of others so

you be the champion of others and soon

those negative voices those jealous

people they'll deal with their own stuff

and if they don't ignore them if they

don't keep getting better if they don't

remember your dream

if they don't and they just need your

love than be there for them but realize

you must stay on your path regardless of

jealousy if you do that not only will

you turn some of those negative voices

around but most importantly you continue

living what we call the charge


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