How To Handle Jealous People

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all right good morning good evening

afternoon ladies and gentlemen citizens

of YouTube this is pastor dial hi here

it is how to handle jealous people how

to handle jealous people listen in life

you cannot ever be derailed you cannot

ever be tempted in any way shape or form

to be taken off centered meaning of your

focus off of your goal you must be

determined because it's gonna happen

someone is going to come along and

they're going to be jealous

either at your short term success or

long term success and they will attack

you it be an assault attack or heart

attack they will attack you in some way

shape and form and the whole idea is

because they're jealous of you they want

to bring you back down to the level

where they were there by taking you off

of your focus and off your goal you

cannot really truly be concerned with

people who are jealous of you because

they will do all types of things I mean

it will get on here make videos about

you they will say disparaging things

about you and all that is a temptation

to get you to stop your successful way

that you're going in life now most

people and I'm gonna digress it just for

a moment the other day I had a brother

asked me what is success and I told him

I said doing what you want to do in life

and be as successful at it for most

people is amassing extraordinary amounts

of money to another person it's a mother

raising children and being successful at

doing it to another one it could be an

engineer or schoolteacher or whatever it

may be whatever your focus is you know I

mean put your heart soul and mind to it

stick to it so now back over here with

jealous people if you have any measure

of success in life

somebody's gonna want to actually claw

you and and and pull you back down from

where you come from because they look

through a vision or lens and they you

know receive all type of thoughts in

their head trying to paint a picture of

what they believe and what they think

you are there's all different types of

things that they do but you can't focus

on that you have to stand on your goal

because this is what happens excuse me

if you stay focused stay true and stay

sound what's gonna happen is is that

they're gonna be those who have some of

the same interest that you have they're

gonna recognize that focus that trueness

and has soundness and when they

recognize that focusing and trueness and

they're soundless they are gonna want

part of that success for themselves in

that you're gonna end up gaining friends

colleagues acquaintances brothers

sisters call it whatever you want and

you're gonna end up gaining friends

acquaintances colleagues blood brothers

and sisters for life because those

people have the same self interest as

you they don't have time to trying to

pull nobody down because they're trying

to get up out of the same old rut and

same old mess that everybody else is and

when they see somebody successfully

doing it you're gonna end up gaining a

lot of people not only will you gain

their trust because they can see the

fruit of your life and how much of a

benefit it has been for you and how much

you'll benefit to others because you

know humans are humans are usually

pessimistic of what they see somebody

else doing you know it's amazing often

saying I'm gonna use the ideal of faith

you know when we were out here doing the

church thing and when we grew up doing

all these things that that church folk

do with the holidays and everything else

and and we could never question it we

thought it was all fine

then one day but we came to a level of

maturity we weren't a child we believed

whatever they told us we became a man a

woman we start reading it listening to

it for ourselves we go oh wait a minute

something's wrong here

I hear what society is saying what

they're promoting but this ain't what

this book says right here so you start

checking things out what happens the

first thing you happen to start checking

things out

people start attacking you they start

coming at you why because they want to

claw you and bring you back down to

where they are and I want you to come up

and be successful even in faith and so

you have to actually go against wind and

tide and be content to do it now you're

gonna know that the enemy the first

attack he's gonna do is with your own

family your own household and you're

gonna suffer great loss for it there's

no discharge in this walk it's the same

thing out in this world same thing when

you start up the ladder of success when

you start improving when when you start

doing all this you're gonna have a lot

of people that's going to be jealous of

you envy of you envious of you and

because instead of them looking and

seeing the success that you have and

wanting to be part of it they're gonna

think that you don't deserve it forget

about that you have self-determination

self-drive self will and you had a good

hard work ethic and you really truly

worked hard for what you got for ya mean

they don't care because they think that

they should be in the position that

you're in even though they have not

bought in much they so little and they

get little so this is how you handle

jealous people right here here's the

secret you got two options you've gotta

have three but this is the main one

ignore them

will you ignore them it stars them you

know have you ever seen the news media

out here maybe I watch the news media

what happens is they have a story and

they drive that story on almost on every

single network that it is they literally

drive that story and they drive it for

days depends on how large the story is

sometimes it's days it can go into weeks

very few stories go

actually months you know I mean like for

instance yellow vests protest is going

on over in France right now it's still

going on you don't hear much about it

because that was the hot story for the

time and now guess what that's another

story comes up in other words what

happen is whatever focus that they had

at that particular time on you give it a

little time it's gonna die down and

they're gonna go away and you're gonna

continue on in your Trek to success

you're gonna continue on and your Trek

to greatness because you're not gonna be


you're not gonna be deterred because

someone has a negative attitude or a

pessimistic attitude against you because

you have self ultimi and because you are

a person that does a lot of

self-evaluation um you scrutinize

yourself and you constantly instead of

just speaking negative to yourself

you're constantly looking for ways to

improve your life and not only to

improve your life but the life of others

you can be a benefit for them and so

when you don't give strength to the

people who are jealous against you who

are negative over you and you do not

give them strength you starve them you

take the oxygen out of the room if you

cut the head off the snake the snake

have you ever done it before cut it also

make it of Steel try to bite it only has

a few more of those reactions because

it's a natural reaction of a snake and

pretty soon when the oxygen is cut off

from the body to the heads cut from the

body it dies so the stories you'll get

people they're trying to drum up stories

after you one after another another

another just let it pass I know believe

you me I know I've been there done that

there are so many times so many times

that I've had negative things said about

me to people who have never met me who

don't know me they judge me based on a

video and they don't know nothing about

my lifestyle if they did know me I

probably would be the best friend in the

world because you know whenever you try

to stand for something and don't fall

for everything and because you're

different than everybody else the first

thing you wanna do is choose your prize

accuse you of being high-minded and all

kinds other stuff forget about all the

things that you're doing that's drawing

people that actually can help make them

better so let them say what they want to


as tempting as eels or retaliate some

you have to very few dough you can

discredit it go on the story will die it

will die now will it be out there surge

got the information superhighway but it

will die and you're gonna find that when

you stop focusing on the negativity of

others your life will continue to keep

growing more peaceful you will continue

to be more happy you'll continue to be

more on the up and up and up up and

that's what you're gonna find out so

take my advice because what I'm telling

you I live it and have lived it and

still live it even still to this day

when you live life and you wake up in

the morning get some devotion stay

focused and see how you can actually go

about that day trying to improve

somebody else's life as well as yours

but do it with a good attitude a good

character good nature and a good spirit

sure you're gonna have to do some

correcting some reproving and rebuking

we don't like that but you know what

hey all it does is sharpen us and help

make us better people I hope I said

something to stimulate thought I pray

jog wonderful day