Friendship Advice: 3 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Friend

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you know what sucks female friendship

god it's grape juice I get a lot of

questions from girls saying you know

I've had this friend for a while and

she's become really jealous all of a

sudden and sometimes you guys can't even

identify that's what it is it's like

she's blabbing my secrets and she's

making me snide comments about me and

she's undercutting my relationship with

my boyfriend and it's like she's getting

really possessive what is going on a lot

of times not a lot all of the time it's

jealousy jealousy and envy are a

poisonous cancer on a relationship on

any relationship to friends a

boyfriend/girlfriend a parent and child

my grandmother was incredibly jealous of

my mother her entire life and it ruined

their relationship was awful to watch

but that story for my therapist but you

should know the difference between

jealousy and envy because they're not

the same jealousy means I want what she

has envy is I want what she has because

I don't think she deserves it I deserve

it instead that's why Envy is a deadly

sin but for all intents and purposes I'm

just going to use jealousy here better

for SEO coding and search engines or

whatever so so what do you do if you

realize one of your friends maybe an

acquaintance but usually it's like a

like a close friendship because someone

has to get kind of like close enough to

you it's like envy you what do you do

when you realize yo they're they're

jealous I'm of the belief that

relationships of any kind are based on

trust think about you and your your

girlfriends if when you try something

area which isn't so good right buttock

fat and she's like no you look great if

you can't trust someone on the micro

level or on the macro but if she can't

tell you the truth about a relationship

then she's not gonna be able to keep a


oh that you like your crush she's not

going to be able to stop flirting your

boyfriend talking about you around

campus doing this doing that but it is a

bottomless pit of ways she will

tre you and if that is what you consider

a friend what do you consider an enemy

and I'm serious

you need to sit down and make a list of

friendship qualities and enemy ship

qualities and find out which side of the

fence this person falls on because if

she's not your friend

she is your enemy and here's the thing

with enemies that makes him so

pernicious they don't declare themself

an enemy they're sneaky it's like a game

of Thrones episode you know they're like

sneaking in the back they're like

there's someone you think you can trust

but they're not we are meant to think

that monsters and villains and enemies

are like very demonstrative make

themselves known and they're not they

look just like all of our other friends

they blend in they're wolves in sheep's

clothing and that's what makes them so

deadly is because by the time you figure

out holy this person is out to

destroy me I mean the enemy is already

inside the walls they already know your

secrets they already know all your

friends it can spread around to

your friends and turn everyone against

you so what do you do usually I'm in

favor of like some sort of break up you

know look if you want to break up with

your boyfriend you actually have to

break up and you can't go some someone

people like this then enough mmm no

because they will use your confrontation

they first of all they will never own up

to being jealous never

you can confront them you can make a

PowerPoint presentation of white shirt

they will never own up to it confronting

them will only like turn what little

sugar they have for you into pure poison

and they will like ramp up their efforts

to destroy you in a way you have never

seen they will talk so much they

will spread all of her secrets to lies

to make up the rest you just have to

push them out just ice it up

make them go gentle into that good night

I had a friend friend who I realized she

wasn't a friend and she was jealous it's

the only thing I can like think it was

when she made fun of how I walked down

the aisle when I got married what kind

of does something like that

first of all I was a beautiful bride

thank you very much but like even if I

was pick a goblin with clothes you say

that does someone you just don't and I

pardon me it like I fantasize about

having this big like blow-up with her

like I miss and you did this and I'm

like you know what it's not worth it it

would get me nowhere she's so out of

touch with her emotions this would just

bounce off and I would become even more

the enemy and like them it would just be

this whole thing so I just stopped

responding to her and it feels harsh

because I don't like young people who

got to me it's the worst thing in the

world but most shouldn't deserve any

better she doesn't I was a good friend

to her and she's gonna be a dick to me I

don't know I don't think people deserve

the best things if they're mean to you

they fall into the enemy category and

our enemies do not deserve our clemency

and our leniency and our love I don't

subscribe to the theory that you just

have to love everyone healthy I don't

you cross me it's over

I'm not going to cross you back

necessarily but I'm also not going to

like release do it no I love it

mm-hmm I will release you but that's as

good as it's going to get and that's how

you should be to protect yourself first

serve yourself first if someone is it

your friend they're your enemy if

someone can at least be neutral then

they've fallen on the side of attacking

and that's that's when all bets are off

that's in all social that's all

proprietary pets it's off for more I

realize this a proprietary that's all I


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