How to Avoid Hugs

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tell us about your workshop that you did

the other night I'm really interested

about this how to avoid hogs workshop

how to avoid handkerchief phenomenon

it's so cool

demonstrate with you Leah and Julian is

going to come up to 9y don't and how

would you avoid whatever his chest to

chest the shoulders look like this night

the iron the forced double handshake

will work please approach me big arms

wide her hands my yeah there I would

build here yes that's back and then hi

good to see so this is the this movement

then we had of course like there are

lots of diagonal huggers that go like

this and they are all supposed to go for

the course both handshake at four five

five percent fire here this is more for

the sneaky hugger or the hip

which goes down here yeah yeah you've

grabbed here and then you can keep

people at bay we had some good reactions

to the workshop but people were coming

afterwards and the next day showing me

variants that they came up with we're

asking about how was this I forgot about

the backwards hugger how the you defend

against the backwards again yeah so when

he comes from behind okay yeah that's

what I thought somebody when you when

you were wearing a Rob when you were

when we were robbed in France and

someone came up to me I thought it was

just someone you knew coming up and

going hey and hugging you from behind it

was actually someone trying to steal the

iPad but now when you when you can't

come like ah here it helps to get and

then you go down

this one again very which also helps for

this one where you put push up and then

and then you're in and then you're into

it then you're into it

well thank you very much for running

down the workshop