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hey guys what's up this josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about five

different hugs guys give you and what

they mean now the reason that I wanted

to do this video was because I feel like

there's a lot of different ways a guy is

gonna show you that he likes you but one

of the main things that he's gonna do is

he's gonna show you and give you those

ways based on how he acts when he's

around you and whenever you see somebody

that you really like one of the main

things that you might do is give them a

hug so because that's like one of the

main things you do I thought that for

today's video we would talk about five

different hugs that he's gonna give you

and based on whether or not you can tell

like from these hugs how he's feeling

they're gonna be some little things that

you can kind of pick up on that might

give you some signs on how he's feeling

when you're with him so if you can think

of any other different ways that you've

been hugged by a guy let me know in the

comments down below also before I start

today's video I get a lot of questions

on Instagram and in the comments of

these videos and one of the ways that

you guys can actually send me a question

that I will see right away is the link

that's in my description right now so if

you go down there you'll see it just

click on it go and leave me a question

and then I will answer it as soon as I

can and I always want to like help you

guys out and be able to answer all of

your questions so if you do have one

just let me know well that being said

here five different types of hugs a guy

will give you and what they mean so

first one I want to talk to you guys

about and one that you might have had

before and had a guy do to you

is one of the hugs where you only get

one of his arms he doesn't give you a

full hug now there's a couple reasons

why a guy will not hug you with both

arms and only hug you with one and the

reason is because he's either really

nervous or he's in a situation where he

feels like he's just really good friends

with you anytime you're going to hug

somebody and you notice that like as

soon as you get close to them they kind

of turn their body and they only give

you half of them that just shows you

that like that person might be really

nervous or like if you guys have never

hugged before if you might not know like

what way to hug you or like what to do

so yeah that's the first one definitely

those one arm hugs are ones that guys

are gonna give you when they first give

you a hug

all right so the second type of hug that

I know a lot of you guys have had before

is the etiquette hug so that basically

means that anytime you show up somewhere

and you see that guy and there's a bunch

of other people around you he'll give

you this hug that's not like a full hug

it doesn't really show how he's feeling

it's more of just like he's hugging you

because he's saying hi now the

interesting thing about these hugs I

feel is that anytime he's giving you a

hug to say hi one of the things that he

might do is actually give you a longer

hug than he gives other people so if you

notice that this happens and you can

kind of see it like you notice like he

just hugged somebody and it wasn't that

long and then he hugged you and for some

reason it was like five seconds longer

that is a really good sign that he

probably has some feelings for you and

that he's interested in you that's one

of the ways that he's gonna do it and he

doesn't even have to say anything if he

does that that's also one of I think

guys like favorite situations if they

really do like a girl because then

anytime we show up anywhere and we see

you and we like you and we don't want to

tell you we get to give you a hug anyway

because everybody else is doing it so

yeah that's the second one those like

etiquette hugs are definitely something

that guys love all right so the next

type of hug I think that some of you

guys may have got this before but it

kind of shows that you guys are just

really good friends and so the hug is

when like you're hugging somebody and

you notice that they're patting you on

the back or they're like rubbing your

back and you'll notice that when you're

hugging somebody that you really like

and they really like you back they're

not gonna pat your back they're gonna

squeeze you as tight as they can and I

think like a pat on the back almost

shows that like you're there for

somebody or you like feel for someone in

like a friendship kind of way so yeah

it's kind of like in that category and

you'll notice that like somebody who

really does like you more than a friend

probably won't pat your back so yeah

that's the third one


all right so the next one this hug is

definitely one of the ones that you want

to get from somebody that you really

like and one of the ways that they're

gonna do it is they're either gonna put

their arms around your waist and give

you a hug or you're gonna notice that

any time they give you a hug they're

gonna hold on to you so tight and you're

gonna be able to feel that there's

something different there behind that

hug the first way when a guy puts his

hands around your waist I think that

that just shows that he's really trying

to like embrace you like fully and if

you have your arms around his neck and

his like shoulders that gives them like

the opportunity to just like hold you a

lot closer and I don't know like coming

from a guy it feels really good when a

girl hugs you like when their arms are

above yours now also when a guy is

giving you a hug if you notice that he's

holding on really tight and he's like

squeezing you kind of but not like too

much that definitely means that like

there's some feelings there and he's

trying to get them across and if he is a

shy guy this might be one of the main

ways that he's gonna show you that yeah

that's a fourth one if he grabs you by

the waist or if you notice that he's

just hugging you for longer and a little

bit harder than usual then that is a

really good sign so the fifth type of

hug is always one that's really fun and

funny to see when it happens to somebody

else and that hug is when somebody is so

awkward around another person that when

they go to give them a hug you never see

their bodies touch like the only thing

that touches is their arms and their

shoulders I think that what happens in

like why this hug happens is because

somebody feels so awkward around the

other person that when they give them a

hug that it feels like they're almost

too close to that person so they almost

have to like lean forward and hunch

their shoulders and make sure that their

body doesn't touch if you've seen this

happen to somebody else you definitely

can see that there's like something

weird going on because the hug doesn't

really look normal and it's something

that you don't see all the time but yeah

the awkward hug does exist and it

doesn't mean that it will always be like

that with that person that's a fifth

kind of hug that a guy might give you if

he does have feelings for you he's just

a really awkward all right so those are

the five different hugs that I wanted to

tell you guys about I feel like if a guy

does like you eventually you're gonna

experience one of these hugs so if you

have before and you can relate to

video make sure that you give it a

thumbs-up also if you have more

questions about these like I said at the

beginning of this video you can click

the link in the description of this

video and go there and leave me a

question and I will respond to it as

fast as I can but yeah there's always

gonna be like different situations that

we get ourselves into when it comes to

relationships so I hope you guys have an

awesome rest of your day I love you guys

so much and as always I will see you

next Saturday in next week's video