How to Avoid Heartbreak

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hey guys it's transit and here's a new

video for you so first Inc video I

wanted to film a how to avoid heartbreak

type video and this isn't exactly for a

super serious relationships or

relationships that you've been and I

guess for a really long time this is

more for like early on in the

relationship or like when you have a

crush I think sometimes crushes most

time crushes just don't work out yeah

they're just kind of a how to avoid and

also just like how to make sure you

don't fall for someone like super

quickly because that's like always a

problem so a lot of you guys have been

asking why are you making videos lately

um one of the reasons being I moved into

an apartment and I have new roommates

and I'd never filmed in front of them or

next to them or they've never really

heard me film so it's really

uncomfortable that's why I'm probably I

kind of um I kind of sound a little

awkward right now and it's probably one

of the reasons why so yeah I just clear

with me I'll hopefully be easier once I

like continue making this because I was

just like I need to make more videos now

okay guys have been asking about like

the second part to the how you know girl

likes you also the teasing part or like

how you know girls teasing you I promise

I'll get that out at one point I am

going to do like a Google Form so it's

not just my opinion and I'm going to put

it all throughout Facebook so that every

girl out there could just like give

their insight on how they please

so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this

video and let's just get started it's

the first way to avoid heartbreak is to

not put the other person that you're

crushing on or that you're with on a

pedestal but you're both on the same

level he's not perfect you're not


you have to understand that so when you

put them on pestle or when you make them

seem that they're like the most perfect

person and that they don't have flaws

that's where you start like putting

yourself down and they become like the

bigger more important person and it's

not like that you're supposed to be like

at the same level so it's easier to move

on because then you're not just like

constantly thinking about how like this

depressing person that you're never

going to find somewhere else like him or

her sorry I'm saying him because

girl and Festus what fake but yeah like

you won't be like all said about it or

not as set as you would be if you kiss

life he's pretty perfect with now he

wasn't perfect or she wasn't perfect

you're fine you're going to find someone

better that actually likes you or you're

gonna find someone that actually looks

back so yeah that's hot the second one

don't make up in possible scenarios

early on especially right don't be

planning out like how you guys are going

to go walk your dog in the park like

every Friday afternoon or how you gonna

meet your family and how you guys are

going to end up getting married at one

point because you guys are literally

perfect for each other

perfect relationship but really like

don't make up the scenarios in your head

try not to because unless you guys are

like super serious about things now and

like you I can actually talk about these

things that could possibly happen don't

just make them up in your head because

yeah you'll get hurt just made their way

to avoid heartbreak is to not make them

your whole world really really quickly

because if you make them your whole

world and you like put them first at

every single thing instead of like

worrying about yourself

early on it will make it ten times

somewhere just able to get over our

break so yeah like do your own thing

like so everything that you did when you

weren't in a relationship but we weren't

like crushing on him or when you weren't

like dating him like still continue

doing those things because when he's

gone it's going to be like now my whole

life is gone and it's this horse

one might be a little controversial like

people might be like no you can't do

this but if you're not serious at all

yet and you guys are just clearly

starting to date don't be afraid to date

other people at the same time because

I'm not saying God you see like it's

kind of hard to talk about this because

it's like you guys aren't serious you

guys haven't committed to each other yet

and again like don't make them here

whole life like start date like continue

dating other people and if you realize

that that person is the person that you

wanna stay with and be with

then you can probably talk about how you

wanting to take it to the next level and

if he or she is like no like I don't

want you then you have someone else that

might actually want to date you I know

that sounds kind of like pad but it's

not because I mean hey like yeah okay

and last but not least and this one's

more for the girls I think I mean it

could be the guys I have a video for the

girls profit so if you were saying signs

that he may be wasting your time he or

she may be wasting your time I have them

about it

to be like do you see us going anywhere

like you totally deserve an answer

we all deserve answers and if you want

to actually know all the signs that he

actually may be wasting your time and

then so it's easier to be like what do

you want then instead of just being like

crazy about it then I will link a video

that I made like two or three months ago

down below that shows you that I like me

that sent me some to do videos anymore

I'm just going to give up actually it

was not a good this is a good one to

know any of the signs I will be linking

a video down below fine keep wasting

your time Justin you clear hello you

know an idea of like whether he is or


so yeah I'll be linking up that down

below I don't have one for guys yet but

I could only have one for like guys on

sign she's wasting your time if you want

comment down below

also comment down below to your girl or

a boy oh yeah also I'm done with this

video I had five ways I'll probably

think before it you guys what were these

or so me to elaborate more on these ways

or signs or whatever you call them tech

people too um I'm gonna try being a lot

happier in the next video to talk about

- is that I still feel a little awkward

I'm sorry

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