Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

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hi I'm dr. Jerry minkoff I'm the chief

of endocrinology at Kaiser Permanente

Santa Rosa I want to talk to you about

preventing heart attack and stroke heart

attack and stroke killed more americans

every year than cancer and car accidents

combined regular lab tests are an

important part of making sure you are

healthy monitoring your lab tests can

help you and your doctor to decide

whether we need to change increase or

even decrease your medication to keep

track of how well we're doing with your

medications and lifestyle changes your

doctor needs the results from these lab

tests a lipid panel which measured

several types of cholesterol and fats in

your blood a potassium level to make

sure your blood pressure medications are

working properly and a creatinine level

which measures kidney function and if

you have diabetes will also test your

hemoglobin a1c which measures your

average blood sugar other steps you can

take to reduce the risk of heart attack

and stroke are take your medications

exactly as prescribed by your doctor

quit smoking it's a single most

important change you can make to improve

your health and feel better be active

for at least 30 to 60 minutes most days

of the week you can split that up try

five minutes of exercise six times a day

if you are overweight losing five to ten

percent of your body weight by eating

less fat and smaller portions can help

reduce your blood pressure and

cholesterol as well as improve blood

sugar control you can drop by any Kaiser

Permanente laboratory service center to

get your lab tests done you do not need

an appointment these are simple

screenings but there's one thing to

remember please do not eat or drink

anything except water for 12 to 14 hours

before taking your test we tend to be

very good at taking care of the people

we love we sometimes put our own health

needs at the bottom of the list as you

consider your decision to come in for

your lab tests please realize how

important your health is to the people

who care about you and depend on you I

know you have a busy schedule but you

need to make time to reduce your risk of

heart attack and stroke it will give you

peace of mind

knowing that you have taken the

important steps to stay healthy and live

your life to the fullest thank you for

taking a moment to listen to this

message we hope to see you soon