15 Foods That Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk According to Doctors

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fifteen foods that decrease the risk of

heart attack our heart is one of the

most important organs but surprisingly

we take care of it the least loading it

every day with stress and unhealthy

diets and that's too bad because fatty

food increases cholesterol levels which

leads to vascular plaques that prevent

the heart from working correctly so do

you want to clean your blood vessels are

you ready to improve your overall


what about decreasing the risk of heart

attacks in the future in this video you

will get familiar with 15 products that

perform all these activities some of

them might surprise you with their

health benefits watch till the end as a

bonus you will find a recipe for a

special drink for healthy blood vessels

and remember to press the like button an

appreciation of our work 15 fatty fish

salmon mackerel herring haddock and

other fatty fish decreased the risk of

arrhythmia and atherosclerosis they also

contain lots of vitamins as well as

minerals vitamins B 2 and D together

with riboflavin help the bones to absorb

calcium other minerals contained in fish

are iron zinc and selenium they boost

our health and fight heart diseases so

fish can make a very healthy tasty and

nutritious meal it's best to eat it two

to three times a week 14 oh meal

consumption of oatmeal dates back to

7,000 BC exactly oats where the cereals

humans cultivated first ancient Chinese

enjoyed this food and ancient Greeks

invented a porridge more than 75% of the

Americans eat oatmeal for breakfast and

this fact is really good rich in fiber

porridge decreases the levels of bad

cholesterol and improves digestion

coarse oatmeal is the healthiest 13

berries blueberries and strawberries are

very good at lowering blood pressure and

dilating blood vessels strawberry lovers

also get fiber folate antioxidants and

potassium from their favorite berries

these red berries are full to the brim

with vitamin C and they contain more

than oranges in all this goodness is

very low in calories or sugar as for

blueberries Native Americans use these

berries for medicinal purposes for

example treating bad coughs improving

the vision and containing vitamins C and

E blueberries are the second most

popular berries in the USA


twelve dark-chocolate minimum of 60 to

70% cocoa such type of chocolate helps

to normalize blood pressure and fight

inflammation and blood clotting what is

more it provides the anti stress effect

as it increases the production of

serotonin which is known for its calming

effects cocoa the main component of dark

chocolate also helps to prevent memory

decline another reason to eat chocolate

regularly is the fact that it is in fact

good for your skin and protects it from

ultraviolet rays 11 nuts nuts contain

protein fibers that are useful for the

heart they also have vitamin E as their

ingredient which helps to decrease the

levels of bad cholesterol ancient Greeks

were known to believe that hazelnuts

could cure a coffee and baldness almonds

are so rich in vitamin E that they can

be stored in a refrigerator for as long

as two years chestnuts contain a lot of

vitamin C about 20% of their weight but

if you have a dog

don't give it macadamia nuts they are

poisonous to these animals 10 extra

virgin olive oil


just a couple of spoons a day will lower

the bad cholesterol levels and sugar in

your blood

olive oil is very high in oleic acid

which reduces blood pressure it is

interesting that when the olives are

crashed oil leaves them naturally

therefore beneficial ingredients and

vitamins are not harmed by chemicals or

preservatives people also believe that

this oil has an effect of protection

from several types of cancer such as

breast digestive tract and prostate ones


9 red wine this drink reduces fat

deposits in your blood vessels and

assists in detoxification and weight

loss it is able to reduce the risk of

dementia and prostate cancer French

scientists have also found out that red

wine contains some elements which can

prolong the human lifespan for about 60%

saying this it still should be consumed

in moderation


eight green tea bioactive compounds

contained in this drink improve health

antioxidants and it have strong

medicinal properties

green tea makes the brain function

better it has a positive influence on

the process of fat-burning boosting the

rate of metabolism this drink may

decrease the risk of different types of

cancer such as prostate and breast

cancer it lowers the risk of developing

Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

just one cup a day stops the formation

of cholesterol plaques seven broccoli

and spinach


these products contain lots of vitamins

minerals and antioxidants they activate

the heart and normalize blood pressure

they are also rich in fiber broccoli in

particular has a lot of medicinal

benefits such as prevention of some

kinds of cancer digestive system

improvement detoxification of the body

it also resembles a vitamin injection

filling you with numerous vitamins and

minerals skin protection vision

improvement allergic reactions prevents

all these are health benefits of

broccoli spinach in turn contains

manganese potassium magnesium iron and

calcium you will find in this vegetables

such essential vitamins as fall eight

vitamin A vitamin C vitamin b6 and

others it improves eyesight keeps blood

pressure stable and even makes your

muscles stronger six avvocato


this incredibly nutritious fruit yes it

is a fruit decreases the bad cholesterol

levels and helps clear the arteries it

is rich in healthy fats it contains a

long list of vitamins including vitamin

C b5 and b6 vitamin E and K folate and

others avocados are packed with fiber

which can be useful for weight loss

blood sugar reduction and other health

benefiting processes five pomegranate


pomegranates contain antioxidants lower

blood pressure normalized blood

circulation and increased hemoglobin

levels surprisingly pomegranates also

have certain antibacterial properties

which can help you to reduce dental

plaque and fight away different oral

diseases for cinnamon

this spice can protect you from heart

diseases and atherosclerosis it also

boosts metabolism and it helps you to

lose weight it is full of antioxidants

winning in the competition of 26 spices

antioxidant activity leaving even garlic

behind it has a strong effect against

diabetes lowering blood sugar 3

watermelon this berry plays an important

role in vascular health it stabilizes

the cholesterol levels and contains

antioxidants it provides hydration which

is a great thing for your body it has

certain benefits for the health of skin

and hair and if you are keen on

intensive workouts drink watermelon

juice before the training you will be

surprised to feel much less muscle

soreness the next day 2 garlic

garlic dilates the vessels lowers blood

pressure alleviates vasoconstriction and

prevents at the Rose chlorotic plaques

from appearing it improves digestion as

well assisting in the functioning of the

intestines being rich in selenium

vitamin C and quercetin it helps your

eyes protecting them from infection and

swelling what is more it is frequently

used to cure erase and finally it is a

well known fact that to survive a cold

with minimal discomfort you need to eat

garlic a lot of garlic one apples and

pears these fruits are rich in fiber

that helps your heart they normalize

blood circulation and are cheaper and

more readily available alternatives to


besides apples will help to maintain

white and healthy teeth when you bite

into an apple saliva is produced it

reduces the decay of your teeth and

lowers the level of bacteria as for

pears they boost your immune system

prevent osteoporosis take care of the

health of your digestive system and

increase your energy level


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bonus a special drink for healthy blood



to prepare this drink you will need the

following ingredients ginger juice half

a pint garlic puree half a pint lemon

juice half a pint apple cider vinegar

half a pint honey

five tablespoons fix all the ingredients

except for the honey and cook over

medium heat for 30 minutes stir

continuously take it off the heat and

cool it completely add honey mix it all

and pour the mixture into a clean bottle

you can store this drink in the fridge

for one to two months take one

tablespoon of the liquid every morning

on an empty stomach health benefits


garlic and honey reduced blood pressure

and the level of cholesterol ginger

prevents heart diseases Leavitt

regulates heartbeats apple cider vinegar

removes toxins from the body drink it

and stay healthy which products health

benefits manage to surprise you write us

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