How to Avoid the Hangover | This Morning

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now it may be the most wonderful time of

the year but Christmas also means some

of us getting a teeny bit carried away

at the office party our office party was

yesterday actually very very quiet this

morning if you're dreading the morning

after then doctors Kristen Zoey have via

perfect remedies to avoid that horrid

hangover feeling of course we've got to

say right from the word go

you don't get a hangover unless you

drink a lot yeah so you could attempt to

repurpose and that's the doctor's point

of view well the official life in the

real world it's slightly different okay

so it only takes me one drink ting a

blind drunk

we know I'll get you know I'm not sure

there's the 10th or the 11th lose it so

there's a few things you can do though

preparation is key isn't it yeah so

prevention is the best form of treatment

so either not going to drink in the

first place or taking steps to try and

reduce the risk of a hangover what steps

well you can go through you know before

during your drinking session after so

before going out to have a drink you

join the party

you know the phrases lying your stomach

your pasta carps potatoes rice bread

before you start your drinking session

when you are drinking it's interesting

that the the light-colored drinks will

be less toxic to you than the darker

colored jundj try telling that to anyone

that drinks white wine lots or care no

the lighter ones I think I guess be the

worst hangover than any lady petrol yeah

okay well that's you personally that's

probably your liver enzymes you know

you've got a cute liver you know but no

basically is it the other same amount

our content but they contain chemicals

called kong jeana's and they're not on

the label so the doctor drinks can be

worse for you then when you want when

you are out drinking you try and have a

soft drink in between the alcoholic

drinks through you're getting the water

you're keeping your hydration up are you

saying you should raise your blood sugar


well that's ideally sort of the next

morning you know what me so we've done

that you know the the drinks and they're

the soft drinks in between and and


get to bed sleep sleep of course is a

great cure but then in the morning and

before going to bed your glasses of

water by the bedside rehydrate rehydrate

in the morning rehydrate as well but

also you're gonna have a low blood sugar

you want to get that sugar level up so

cereals porridge even you got the thing

which ago Here I am good I mean is it

all that grease is that not just gonna

sit in your stomach yeah I think right I

think it's bit of an excuse to have a

fryer person it but actually eating

anything is what you need to do cuz when

you want consume a lot of alcohol it's

and your blood sugar very high so in the

morning your blood sugar is crashing and

even though the last thing you want to

do because you feel nauseas is eat it

can be the low blood sugar that's

causing the nausea in the first place so

just having a bit of toast

I probably if you can manage it will

make you feel better and but I notice

we've got some eggs here as well now

eggs and contains something called

cysteine and cysteine helps break down

one of the toxins that causes the

hangover in the first oh really there is

some evidence for having eggs they don't

have to be fried though they can a

boiled PO little poached egg alright

what about him about the hair of the dog

so however the doc so we all know that

actually I don't recommend that you do

this because you're just delaying the

inevitable but having one drink

the following day does help pick you up

partly because I'll call just makes you

feel good that's probably why you drank

it in the first place but also some of

the symptoms of hangovers so the

sweatiness that you feel the shakiness

some of the kind of anxiety can actually

be symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and we

think of people who drink all the time

or people who have plums with alcohol

suffering alcohol withdrawal even after

one night you can have some mild I'll

call the jaw symptoms so however the dog

gets rid of those

what about term what about modern

medicine are there products on the

market that can help I know a lot of my

wine friends take milk thistle before me

go out so milk thistle it isn't going to

help with your hangover but if you take

it regularly then it actually helps the

liver Wow

it kind of helps the liver regenerates

it's been used for some time for people

have liver cirrhosis people who have

long term damage to the liver so the

idea is it's slowing down any preventing

any damage that you're causing to the

liver by the insult of drinking a lot of

alcohol but it's not less so going to

help there's anything

market but in modern medicine mechanic

yeah so there's something called are you

21 and so there we go we have an image

and this is fairly new this is available

and I think it was the Russian

government the they used it with their

interrogators who would be out drinking

with people trying to get information

lavishness lies did you be that's really

and they found that they didn't get as

bad hangovers so that's how they found

out about what you take the tablet the

night before the night of yep you take

them tablet whilst you're drinking and

it reduces the hangover again it's about

clearing toxins it helps kids does it

reduce effect of the alcohol do you not

get as drunk possibly yeah well there's

another product out there activated

charcoal which is what we used to use in

any when people came in intoxicated and

that stops you absorbing our alcohol so

you don't get as drunk therefore you

don't get like drink carefully basically

we're not advocating getting drunk

so it's not robust all night overtly we

don't get drunk please