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Five best ways to prevent a hangover.

You need to hear this.


Google search after google search.

We've all been there typing in what  is the best way to cure a hangover?

Please somebody tell me.

You call your friends, you ask your mother,  

you have a massive headache and the room is  still spinning and you just need it all to stop.

Obviously, the best way for no  hangover is not to drink at all.

But what if I told you that it doesn't  matter how many articles and blogs you read?

None of them work that great.

And the real trick is not what to do if you have  a hangover from an all-nighter from drinking  

but rather five ways to prevent and reduce  the severity of your hangover from the start.

And let me just say these tricks of  the trade are even backed by science.

So stay with me you'll want to hear  these five promising hangover cure-alls.

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Number one: Avoid drinks high in congeners

Come again?

Okay, let me explain.

You may or may not have realized this but ethanol  is the main active ingredient in alcoholic drinks.

Congeners may stimulate the  body to release stress hormones  

such as norepinephrine and epinephrine and break  down into toxins formaldehyde and formic acid.

These can cause inflammatory responses in the body  that lead to fatigue and other hangover symptoms.

If you're looking to prevent  feeling like crap the next day  

stay away from these high congener  drinks such as whiskey and tequila.

Opt for colorless drinks  such as vodka, rum, and gin.

These might be a better option as  they contain little to no congeners at  

all and your body will thank you in the morning.

In fact, studies out of the journal  of the National Medical Association  

researchers compared the effects of  vodka, low congeners, and whiskey,  

high congeners, both the frequency and the  intensity of hangovers were greater for whiskey.

Number two: Have a drink the morning after

Kesha might have been onto something in 2009  when brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack.

Treating a hangover by having  another drink seems dumb.

However, the infamous tactic is  commonly known as the hair of the dog.

Although this habit has not been proven effective  there is some interesting science behind it.

Simply put, drinking more alcohol is believed  to affect the metabolism of methanol.

After consuming alcohol our bodies then  convert that methanol into formaldehyde,  

a highly toxic substance.

Formaldehyde may be partly responsible  for many hangover symptoms.

But consuming alcohol the morning  after a heavy night of drinking  

can inhibit this conversion process  preventing formaldehyde from forming.

Instead, methanol is discharged harmlessly  from the body via your breath and your urine.

Although I don't encourage drinking  the morning after as this can lead to  

alcohol dependency but it could be something to  consider once in a blue moon in extreme cases.

Number three: Drink water throughout the night

Alcohol is a diuretic, therefore,  contributing to dehydration.

Although dehydration is not  considered a main cause of hangovers,  

it may contribute to the symptoms like  thirst, headache, fatigue, and dry mouth.

Fortunately, dehydration is easy to  avoid so make sure you chug that water.

I know what you were thinking what's the point of  drinking if I'm going to be chasing it with water?

All the water does is slow the  absorption of the alcohol in your body.

It doesn't counteract it.

A good one-to-one ratio is a  rule that I typically practice.

One glass of water to one alcoholic beverage.

Number four: Don't smoke and drink

Believe it or not, nicotine may just be  contributing to your more intense hangover.

The Center for Alcohol and Addiction studies  found that college students were more likely to  

report hangover symptoms after drinking episodes  if they smoked more heavily on the day they drank.

Quote, at the same number of drinks  people who smoke more that day are  

more likely to have a hangover and have  more intense hangovers when they drink.

Researchers are not sure why the combination of  nicotine and alcohol causes more intense symptoms  

but they suspect it is related to how both  drugs release more dopamine in the brain.

The number five way to potentially  minimize your hangover: B vitamins and zinc

A study recently published in  the Journal of Clinical Medicine  

evaluated the diet for 24 hours before  and after excessive drinking occurred.

They found that people whose food and beverage  consumption contained greater amounts of zinc  

and B vitamins had less severe hangovers.

Alright, how about one more  bonus hangover cure-all?

Eat breakfast the day after.

Hangovers often occur due to  low levels of blood sugar.

Although not the major cause of hangovers  

it may contribute to the overall  symptoms such as weakness and a headache.

After a night of partying moreover  

many people forget to eat when they  drink further lowering their blood sugar.

That being said, eat a  nutritious breakfast, people.

Toast and juice is a way to gently  nudge levels back to normal.

A light night meal might help  maintain those blood sugar levels too.

All right that's been five tips on  preventing a hangover with me Dr. Wagner.

If for some chance you stumbled upon this video  

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