How to stop loving someone in 4 easy steps

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how to stop loving someone in four easy

steps falling in love with someone is

much easier and faster than quitting and

thanks to the impulsiveness of the heart

is that we end up a disaster at the end

of a relationship that did not work as

we wanted when you finish with your

partner it seems impossible to overcome

the pain and despair that his absence

leaves and although it is traditionally

said that the best thing is to let time

heals wounds the truth is that there are

four very good ways to overcome in a

kind way the departure of that person

you loved so much the most important

thing for this to work is that you have

complete confidence that you want to do

it because without will you will not

achieve results when things come to an

end it is better to mourn what you have

to cry shake off your sadness and stand

up again life is beautiful and we cannot

avoid suffering 100% but we can reduce

it in the following way one completely

cut all physical and visual contact the

worst thing you can do after a

separation is to watch his pictures

until 3:00 in the morning

remember that memory records recent

events and if you do not occupy your

mind in other things you can never let

it go this also applies to phone calls

quick meetings to talk or whatever when

you are close to the person you love

your brain releases oxytocin which is

responsible for strengthening bonds of

affection so it is best to cut all

communication with the person so you

have time and space to process your

feelings to go on a trip or change your

address temporarily if you have the

option of staying away from that person

for a while then do it in this way you

will avoid casual encounters on the

street or in a cafe or bar if you can go

on a trip a couple of weeks so that the

change of routine helps you to overcome

the separation or maybe you could go to

some friends house for a few days so

that there is no way to find you at home

you must avoid contact with him at all

costs as this is the only way to close

your emotional wounds more quickly 3

focus on your favorite personal

activities it is very common that when

we are in a relationship our life fuses

with that of our partner and in a

certain way we let go of that

individuality that is so important for

everyone if you want to forget the

person who left it is best to focus on

activities where the other did not get

involved because that way you are

reinforcing your sense of Independence

little by little you will again notice

that you can be happy without their

presence and that

everything is linked to your story with

that person for work on your self-esteem

there is nothing more effective than

strengthening self-love every day after

a break it is common for confidence and

self-worth to be low because we feel

that we have failed that we are not good

enough that we are unpleasant that is

why it is very important to be fully

aware of the successes and mistakes of a

failed relationship without sinking into

lamentations we must recognize that

there were good and bad things but in

the end it simply did not work life is

like that

a series of cycles that come to an end

when we least think about it and that

does not mean there is something wrong

with you but rather it is an experience

that Life offers you to be better source

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