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hey everyone welcome to skillopedia the

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well you're with me Niharika well what's

the perfect world for you each person we

interact would be nice would be kind

generous considerate well they would get

our jokes we would get theirs we would

all float in a very friendly atmosphere

where no one upsets each other or

disturbs each other however we don't

live in a perfect world some people

drive us crazy and we drive them crazy

as well so there are times when we

dislike such kind of people so what do

you do well we do encounter people that

you would wish to avoid right while you

can take all the measures to avoid this

person all together it's not always

possible to completely avoid talking to

someone what you can do is learn some

tricks in avoiding people you don't want

to interact with by kind of surrounding

yourself with others but there are

situations well you will come across

such people so how do you avoid the

people you don't like well what are the

things that you can do let's have a look

well the first thing that you can do in

order to avoid certain situation or a

white certain kind of people is stay


if you encounter someone you don't want

to talk to because this person was rude

or you two have a history with them

maybe they treated you really bad and

they were like extremely mean to you

well being courteous and come and not

letting someone's attitude towards you

just to spoil your relationship well

that's quite an effective way to keep

any conversation with such people short

yes you need to be calm and courteous

you won't always be able to completely

avoid someone you don't want to talk to

however you can minimize your

interactions with this person by keeping

a polite poker face you know what I do

well I always focus on myself I always

keep in mind that my goal is to just

interact with this person as quickly as

possible and just end the conversation

so instead of just you know being rude

or being mean to that person because I

had a bad past but it's not going to

help yeah it's okay to be calm and

courteous this way you can get out of

that situation really easily to learn to

be polite and cut the conversation short

different here's the second thing that

you can do in order to avoid the person

that you don't want to talk to well what

is it well draw your own boundaries yes

you don't always have to express what

your boundaries are or what your limits

are to someone you wish to avoid but you

should know what you're willing to

tolerate yes how much of [ __ ] you can

take stand your ground and stick to it

stick to it these can be both mental and

physical boundaries or limits but you

have a right to your personal space and

it's okay to be clear about what that

other personal space means to you yes

whether you're doing dealing with a

co-worker or your schoolmate or your

ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend and

you just are not willing to interact

with this person I know it's difficult

but don't be afraid to speed blunt

communicate with them clearly let them

know your personal boundaries and ask

them to respect your space something

like this let me give you an example

well you ended your relationship with

your guy and things just didn't work out

between you so what do you do well it's

time to let them know to respect your

personal space be bold and communicate

if you're not going to draw a line

the one who will well he's going to take

you for granted so if someone has a

history of you know in waiting your

personal space the next time you

encounter such kind of people well just

show it to them at the very beginning of

the conversation because you just have

certain amount of time to talk to this


so set your boundaries after all it's

your personal space well here's the

third thing that you can do ignore this

person yes

chances are that you are not the only

person who wishes to avoid a certain

person pay attention to how others deal

with someone you wish to avoid if you

have tried of these upfront methods like

we discussed earlier and they haven't

worked then simply ignore this person

after the people that how do you deal

with this yes sometimes you have a

relationship with someone that just

isn't going to work out this person can

be someone you were in a relationship

with or even a co-worker

and if you have made attempts to create

that distance you have set your

boundaries and that is also not worth 10

people it's time to ignore yes now

ignoring someone isn't always the

easiest thing especially if this person

is really crazy and you know it doesn't

listen at all

but yes you don't want to interact with

this kind of person ignoring someone

doesn't mean that you know you are

insulting that person are making this

mean face or a mean gesture it just

simply means that you act as if this

person is not around you yes act as if

this person isn't that crowd that you


well sometimes ignoring someone means

you have to be the bigger person and

just excuse yourself from that situation

so people it's okay to ignore

so friends what's the next thing that

you can do well a white situation where

you might have to interact with this

person yes

do not ignore this person just a why'd

the situation well sometimes you have to

make changes to avoid someone you don't

want to talk to if you know this person

is going to be at a party or at a

gathering or the conference you just

don't go unless you're in the situation

where you can't excuse yourselves like

your work or your school then you know

it's better to just avoid attending that

function tell a close friend that you

aren't going to be attending the event

and you can be honest with your friends

you know you don't have to be rude but

you can just be honest and in case if

you have no option and have to attend

that party or the function that you will

be seeing that person well maybe you're

at a bar or a party you will be able to

go to another area yes just avoid

running into that person yeah you can do

that what I'm not saying that you run

away from the situation it just shows

that you have a big ego but just a wide

running into that person even if you'll

end up meeting at the same place it's


yes maybe you were just not able to

avoid that situation but just avoid

running into that person

so here's the next thing that you can do

yes you can ask for help

there's nothing wrong by asking help if

you really don't want to interact with

someone but you're having a very very

hard time avoiding this person but you

could also ask people to help you out

you can get help from your friends from

your parents from your boss from a

counselor if the situation is really

intense yes if you find that you can't

avoid the person because you have to

work with this individual consider

talking to someone who can really really

help you out just you know calmly

explain your situation why you can't be

around this person perhaps this

individual makes it hard for you to

complete your work to give your best

because you're just so uncomfortable

being around this person so just you

know discuss it out with an authority

tell an authority to figure why you need

to be removed from these kind of

situations when you don't want to

interact with this person maybe they

will understand your situation better

because sometimes the third person can

you know view things better and could

come out with a better solution than we


so taking help asking for help

well that's a great thing to do

so here's another thing that you can do

yes you can cut ties with this person

now if you're just not able to you know

face this person just end the

relationship if you have an ex that you

don't want to see or talk to anymore

or someone that might be in your larger

friend group that you simply cannot face

that person anymore

well just go ahead cut your toy cut your

ties your health and peace of mind is

the most important thing for you though

it may be hard tell this person that you

won't engage in any sort of contact


you know sometimes better to be direct

as that's the only thing that they

understand stick to your convictions

some people may not easily leave you

alone but if you've started you know and

if you've showed that yes this is your

intention then go ahead it's okay to be

outright say that you don't want to talk

or see this person again sometimes if

you are blunt and a little harsh people

will finally get the message you may

feel mean at first but try and remember

this is better for you better for your


just cut the last leg and delete that

person completely from your domain yes

you've got to do that

and if everything fails well here's the

thing that you can do keep a positive

attitude you know sometimes you may not

want to talk to certain people because

they make you uncomfortable you just

don't like being around them take a deep

breath and tell yourself that you are an

enjoyable person to be around you are

like the best person to be around remind

yourself that you're entitled to your

boundaries you know right we discussed

this earlier but sometimes it's

perfectly fine and okay to voice your

feelings to feel comfortable focus on

what you want and what will make you


and then try and find people that you

know have similar attitude just like

yours instead of avoiding negative

people focus on the people around you

who make you feel comfortable

your thoughts contribute to your mood

and even your actions so smile and take

a moment to tell yourself that you know

you were meant to be like this having a

positive attitude will help you to

attract more positive people and then

that's a good way to say goodbye to

negative one right of course everything

would be just so easier if we could just

wish people to go away from our lives

you know but that's not how life works

whatever be the reason disliking someone

is a response which is not a good idea

well it's best to be respectful

depending on the situation you know you

can always follow the tips that I helped

you with you can just understand them

better and that should really help you

to avoid people that you would not like

to interact with and this brings me to

the end of this session today hope you

really enjoyed watching me and I'll be

back with a new session till then keep

watching us and do not forget to

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