How To Get Out Of The FRIEND ZONE With A Guy

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have you ever felt like you were stuck

in the friend zone with a guy you liked

and wanted to get out of it immediately

want to know how to shift from being

just friends with him to being in a

romantic relationship I've got all that

coming up for you right now hey

everybody I'm dating a relationship

coach Ryan Patrick guys I'm really

pumped about today's topic because if

we're gonna discuss just how to get out

of the friendzone with a guy it means

we're cutting out all the surface

nonsense and we're going deep so if you

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the dreaded friend zone you know you

might be saying yourself how the hell

did I get here with this guy now there's

one of two ways you probably got here

the first one is he just told you

directly that he just wants to be

friends which is very direct and

straightforward for him to do and kudos

to him for that and the second way is

this is actually a place you put


hmm in all honesty I find the second

scenario much more common and it's

really the core of what I want to

discuss in this video also please stay

tuned until the very end of this video

because I have a big announcement that

I'm really excited to share with you

guys so let's dive in right now there

are five steps I want to give you to

help you climb out of this friendzone

with this guy or any guy in the future

and I want you to not only look at these

five things as steps but also as new

rules and mindsets that I want you to

adopt now not only are they gonna give

you more confidence with calling the

shots with men you like moving forward

but they're gonna be a huge time-saver

sorting through guys who will never

actually have the intention of

progressing things with you on a

romantic level so with that said here

are those five rules right now the first

rule is it's not a place they put you

it's a place you put yourself now it's

no surprise to us that we want to know

exactly where we stand with a new person

that we're dating

to really be able to evaluate if the

time that we're putting into it is

really worth it and if we don't get

these concrete signs from the other

person we can often feel like we're

doing something wrong or that the other

person just doesn't have those types of

feelings for us so what we do is we go

to this imaginary place called the

friend zone and we stand behind some

bars and will shuttle ourselves and just

get really really bummed out the problem

is that this self-imposed deadline

you've placed on yourself is just

unrealistic and the good things and the

good progress that you have going with

this guy actually end up getting choked

out and they're just getting choked out

and smothered by urine patients so just

stop creating these false

make-it-or-break-it moments in your mind

even if he says he just wants to be

friends some of the best romantic

relationships grow out of that like with

me and my wife Brittany the second rule

is it's not permanent it's flexible so

if the friendzone still feels like a

real place or a real status to you just

know your situation with the guy is

rarely permanent and can shift day to

day I want you to look at it this way

you're either attracting him one step

closer to you or you're repelling him

one step away from you and also just be

aware that this growth in your

relationship or this contraction in your

relationship is incremental we're

talking baby steps here so on days where

it just feels like all hope is lost I

want you to remember that you're just

one step away from getting that much

closer to him and when I'm talking about

incremental steps I'm talking about

those moments where he seems to get back

to your text just a little faster those

moments where he actually initiated a

text for once or he complimented you or

expresses an interest in seeing you and

proactively takes the steps to do so the

third rule is it's not about giving more

it's about giving less if you hear

anything at all from this video and that

was it let it be this less is more this

is gonna be the mindset it's gonna

create more positive steps toward you

with this guy rather than steps away

from you so this isn't about texting him

or when you're not hearing back from him

it's not about checking in with him to

see where you guys stand a month in in

fact I'd like you to do the opposite

it's just one of those super

counterintuitive things that we do that

actually draw people closer to us and

that's leaning back just pull way back

on that investment with them in the

beginning but when we feel someone

pulling away from us we want to give

that much more because maybe we didn't

clearly express our worth to them or

maybe they just didn't have the ability

or the time to see our worth yet the

truth is he isn't worth all you have to

offer yet that's something he has to

earn so make him work for it

and if he disappears that's the universe

and your intuition helping you sort him


the fourth rule is it's not about

waiting it out it's about taking action

now now this one may seem contradictory

to what we've just discussed but if it's

been a couple months with him and he

just hasn't given you much of a return

on investment in him try this let him

know you'd like to meet up with him in

person or do a FaceTime and just level

with him face to face about how things

are playing out for you

now this is particularly for those of

you who are just getting crumbs from

this guy and are ready to move on if you

need a definitive answer about how he

feels then the direct approach is best

but let me just say this if you've

gotten to this point and you're just not

feeling fulfilled even on a friend level

you might find that talking to him about

it just becomes this futile exercise

take action and talk to him if you need

to but it might make much more sense to

take action by walking away the fifth

rule is it's not about what he says it's

about what you do next this whole

journey is about you sorting through men

quickly and efficiently while saving

time and minimizing pain confusion and

struggle now if you guys happen to miss

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guy from a few weeks ago I highly

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