How To Avoid Small Talk | Here's What To Do Instead

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my name is Marni owner of the wing girl

method and from here on out I'm going to

be a very own personal wing girl and

that means it's my job to explain women

to you and break down all the

frustrating confusing in mind-boggling

things and that way women do I'll also

tell you what to do to get the women you

want using my insider resources today I

wanted to answer a question that I got

from David who wrote Martin I absolutely

detest small talk on dates it literally

makes me mad and I know that it's not

good for dates what else can I talk

about that has more substance and gets

her to open up and start talking and

here's my response to David David I

totally get it in fact I don't know a

single person who thinks oh wow I can't

wait to get into the restaurant and have

my numbing useless conversation about

absolutely nothing no one actually likes

small talk but everybody uses this

tactic to help them discover something

that they and the person standing in

front of them can connect and bond on

however I do have a couple of quick ways

to bypass lengthy small talk to get you

more solid and real conversations going

so way number one have three missions

ready what I mean my missions are things

that are going on in your life that the

other person can help you with I used to

run these boot camps all the time all

over the world for men where I would

poach them for three days straight and

by the end they would come out as

awesome charismatic confident men who

women simply adored on one of these boot

camps I had another coach with me a male

coach and I noticed he would do

something that got people to open up

instantly to him he would meet someone

and in minutes he would bypass the usual

get to know you chitchat her small talk

and start talking to them about

something in his life that was going on

and then ask them for their advice or

their opinion for example at the time he

was looking for a certain kind of chair

for his apartment I know nothing special

but something he was seeking assistance

on he would tell people that he's been

on this mission to find

the perfect chera good balance between

comfortable and fashionable not a lazy

boy style chair he'd also tell them

about where he's already gone to find a

chair like that and other details about

the mission see him this goes on as a

mission though what do you think aspect

of this tool is what draws a woman in

and gets the conversation going

women love to give their opinions and in

fact it's a good way to learn more about

the woman sitting in front of you the

reason missions work so well is because

they get women engage in the

conversation offering up their opinion

so they feel like they're helping and

talking is if they already know someone

instead of going through all they get to

know you formalities my advice is to

always have three missions ready to go

these should be easy things to put

together because as humans

we're always on some sort of mission we

always have things going on it's a great

way to bypass small talking it straight

into talking as if you've known each

other forever

the second thing is be armed with some

fun and different conversation starters

I know icebreakers can be corny but

remember both people on the date are

eager to jump off the small talk

bandwagon and hoping to land on a

flowing conversation that showcases

their personality so why not help move

that along faster many of the usual

questions we ask people in the beginning

don't really tell us much about them we

learn what they do for a living and

other things that might not reveal if

you're actually compatible why not stand

out and make her notice you with

different questions so I put together a

list of cute ones that once again

they're I mean they're super cheesy but

they can get conversation started so

here there's a number one what's your

favorite song to sing in the shower

number two what was your most

embarrassing moment in your life number

three what shows did he watch growing up

number four what was your favorite book

when you were younger and what's your

favorite book now number five what's the

weirdest thing that ever happened to you

number six what's your favorite ice

cream flavor

number seven how do you feel about

people talking during movies number

eight - yeah your name again magical

topics but what these ice breakers will

do is help lighten things up they're

different and they're fun they're not

typical Plus these questions will help

you see the authentic side of a will

rather than the rehearsed but in-depth

version which will possibly lead to some

good connection once he talked for a

while you can move on to deeper

questions think of questions like do you

like this city or what do you like about

the city have you lived in a lot of

places what's your favorite thing about

your job these can help open a woman up

and really tell you things about her how

she works and what she thinks and those

are my two tactics for breaking the ice

with women or really anyone having a few

missions and being armed with fun and

different conversation starters can

really help make your dates be more

engaging and help connection happen

faster if it's not happening already

by the way connection is what creates

that spark that women talk about all the

time more connections equals a greater

chance for a spark and an even greater

chance for a second date for more tips

on how to rock a first date with a woman

and have her wanting to see you again

and again go to win girl method calm or

check out my other videos on YouTube I'm

Marni your personal win girl and owner

of the wing girl method and I'll see you

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