How To Finish With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her

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how to finish with your girlfriend

without hurting her you've seen the

signs and you're determined you must end

it there is no way to end a relationship

but there is a way to do it in a less

painful way after all the way you end

the relationship with her is a kind of

double-edged sword

one do not do it without getting ready

it does not mean you have to memorize a

speech what we ask you is that you

should know what to say and you don't

say something you did not mean to say or

maybe forget something you wanted to say

think choose your thoughts and keep a

cool head there is no way to break up

with your girlfriend without hurting her

but the idea is to do the minimum damage

to her to choose the best time don't

tell her you want to finish with her if

she is about to have an important job

interview or is in the final exams of

her University remember that life is not

just about interests there are other

things she needs to attend and if you

decide to have a final talk with her the

relationship you had is not the only

thing that will be destroyed 3 tell her

do not show her remember that you are a

good person and she is - no need to

shout or get intoxicated to finish with

her you're better than that and she

deserves better go ahead and tell her do

not show her disappointment

dissatisfaction or discomfort save her

pain and tell her what you want to


however she feels will not matter which

brings us to the next point for be

honest there is a difference between

being honest and being brutally honest

in this case we must show kindness

you're talking to your partner or future

ex-partner not someone in the customer

service be honest tell her in the best

possible way how you feel and when she

asks you something give her a direct

answer rather than going through the

branches you will save time and

unnecessary headaches 5 do not pretend

this is not the moment to play with it's

not you it's me

in fact that's a cardinal sin it is a

task of two to build a relationship and

unfortunately was the task of two to

reach this final point

pretending is immature six respect the

distance if she asks you to stay away

stay away when she asks you to move move

out avoid her on Facebook or Instagram

or any social network strive not to call

her or send her a message of

homesickness is not to be blunt it is to

respect the distance of both you need to

heal not to always remember what you

once had it is impossible not to hurt

her feelings when you decide to end with

her but it is possible to cause the

minimal damage and do it in a mature way

she might prefer it that way to learn

more about how to finish with your

girlfriend without hurting her just

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