What To Do When Someone Ignores You

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what's going on yesterday also she was

replying so quickly but suddenly from

today although she is online and seeing

my messages she's not replying anymore

is she trying to ignore me when somebody

is ignoring you specially if you hold an

emotional relationship with that person

maybe boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe

best friend then it really hurts you

cannot focus on your work endlessly keep

waiting for her reply and you kind of

start to feel like depressed so what is

the solution for this life problem what

should you do if someone is ignoring you

this is what I am going to share with

you in this video step by step in

details so that if you are facing the

same or similar kind of problem in your

life you can overcome it permanently so

in this case the first step is to ask

yourself what happened if until today or

recently she was talking with you

normally and suddenly she is ignoring

you then for sure something has happened

now to find out what is that something

you should ask yourself first

what happened have you told her

something that could have hurt her

knowingly or unknowingly have you done

something wrong with her if you know it

for sure that you have told or done

something wrong to her and if that

relationship matters to you then bro put

your ego aside just go and tell her

sorry tell her that unintentionally you

have made that mistake and so you are

saying sorry to her because your

relationship matters to you much more

than your ego now this is the first case

scenario in the second case suppose you

asked yourself what happened and you saw

that you had done nothing wrong with her

and so you have no idea why she is

ignoring you in that case you have to

follow this second step and that is ask

her what happened what happens in most

of the cases is that we can't put aside

our ego to tell her sorry but to ask her

what happened and in this way we put an

end to a good relationship so if you

can't figure out what has happened then

obviously you should ask her to find out

the truth if you can't ask her face to

face at least call her or even text her

you can tell her something like this I

am feeling like you are ignoring me for

the last few days unintentionally if I

have hurt you in any way then I am

really sorry for that if I have done

something wrong with you then please let

me know so that I can at least try to

make up for my mistake because to me our

relationship is very much important I

have put that message in the description

box below so that you don't even have to

type it you just have to copy the

message and then edit it according to

your choice and send it to her


now here can also be two different cases

number one she replied and told you that

due to your XYZ deed she was hurt so if

you had hurt her unintentionally then

you should immediately say sorry to her

and assure her that it will never be

repeated by you number two

she didn't reply at all or replied that

nothing happened I am just busy with my

walk or anything similar to that which

you know isn't true and she is trying to

ignore you for example she is online

whole day and posting status updates one

by one or replying to one of your common

friend normally but only in case of you

she is giving that excuse that she is

busy in her studies or with her works so

even after sending that emotional

message if she continues to ignore you

then one thing is clear maybe the

relationship is still important to you

but for her it has no more importance

then in that case you need to follow the

third step which is get that she has

changed in every person's life priority

is used to change with time until

yesterday maybe you are at the highest

priority in her life but today someone

else is there maybe that's why she is

ignoring you now that better option

could be any person anything or any work

change in priority is not a bad thing

because it happens in all of our lives

but if your relationship has no more

importance to her anymore then that is a

big problem in that case you have to

follow the fourth step which is don't

lose your self-respect

you haven't done anything wrong with her

you are asking her but still she is

continuously ignoring you and after all

of that he was still roaming around her

don't do this because he will lose your

self-respect by doing so and slowly you

will fall into dictation and once a

person loses his self-respect that

person can never think or achieve

something big in his life now let's

suppose maybe you are wrong

actually your relationship matters to

her then also you should not roam around

her in such cases because then she may

find your weakness and who knows she may

also manipulate you based on your

weakness after she ignores you if you

stop roaming around her then she will

herself come back to you if your

relationship is truly important to her

so no means know whether she tells you

that directly or you understand it from

her behavior once you are clear that her

answer is no then you should immediately

move on and follow this final step which

is she has changed so I have also

changed she has changed her priorities

in life so now it's your turn to change

your priorities in life many times

people mix up relationship and love see

you need to understand this a

relationship can never be one-sided

because relationship means there must be

active participation from both the

parties so that there can be some kind

of transaction whereas love can be

one-sided because love simply means that

I always weren't good for you now if it

is good for you to stay away from me

then I accept that also so if she is not

interested to stay in a relationship

with you then it's fine because if you

can remember I am sure you may have at

least one school friend in your

childhood about whom you used to think

that you guys will be friends forever

but now you may not even talk to that

friend once in a year so have you gone

crazy for that are you dead for that

with time we learn to cope up with

everything the only thing you need to

cure is that you should never let your

ego get heavy on you and should never


limit that brings your self-respect down

now if I sum up this whole video if

someone is ignoring you then first you

should ask yourself what happened if you

get an answer then put your ego aside

and go tell her sorry but if you don't

get an answer then ask her what happened

now if you get an answer from her and

you have made some mistake then again

put your ego aside and tell her sorry

but if she doesn't reply to you anything

and continues ignoring you then get that

she has changed and your relationship

has no more value to her anymore so in

that case don't let yourself esteem down

because it's your turn to change


always remember life moves on and so

should we at last a little request to

you if you have found this very useful

then please share with your friends and

family so that they can also do the

right thing

if someone ignores them thanks for


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