An All Natural OTC Topical Product for Genital Herpes Outbreak Symptoms

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genital herpes carries a significant


yet one in six women have it

that's twice the incidence as men and

listen to this

it affects more women than breast cancer


we are de-stigmatizing the topic opening


and hoping to help women not feel alone

find information

and new solutions dr jessica shepard a

dallas-based gynecologist

and founder of her viewpoint an online

women's health forum that focuses on

addressing taboo topics

joins us for today's discussion welcome

doctor hi thank you so much for having


oh no i'm thrilled to have you and i

find this to be so important

because i mentioned taboo because

unfortunately this topic is not often

talked about

women often suffer in silence but the

time has come

to open up and this is what i mean take

a look

start hurting and they start like

burning very painful

itching burning the redness and the

irritation doctor

these are real women courageous women

talking about their experience

no need to be ashamed right one in six


have a diagnosis of herpes and the

reason why it's so baffling

is that it's so common but yet we are

not discussing

this condition and this thing that

people have to

go through and go through their symptoms

and feel ashamed

and we really want to stop that stigma

does stress

trigger occurrence i mean considering we

live in a world of stress today more

than ever because of the pandemic as


when someone's in a pandemic such as

what we're going through right now

you'll see that the immune system is

really trying to block off a lot of

other things

and in a stress system you'll see that

things like the virus such as herpes

virus can reveal itself and therefore

cause some of those symptoms

so how do we treat this condition doctor

so there haven't really been any

therapies that we've seen over the

counter that can help these symptoms and

that's why

femicleer has really brought to the

table something

that women can have that is over the

counter can help decrease their symptoms

and again it's really affecting the

virus as well it's been shown in studies


kill hsv 1 and 2 viruses up to 99

i was reading here doctor and i have

femi clear right here

uh all natural and organic ingredients

correct these are going to be

ingredients that are not going to be

something that women are not familiar

with can harm them and again it's not a

prescription so it's not a

prescription-based medication it's


and it's something that women can use

very easily their access to it

over the counter and talk about

awareness i want to show this to our


because femicleer recently put up this


look at it right there in times square


now that will get my attention i think

that that's one of the best things that

we can do just put it right

out there in the open and say this is

something that we need to discuss

especially for people who don't know

anything about the disease

one thing that i've learned in my

practice the more uncomfortable

conversations that we have

the less uncomfortable it becomes thank

you doctor so much for your great


thank you so much and i hope that we are

able to empower and educate

women today that are watching now more

than ever thank you doctor

now if you'd like more information on


remember you can go to cvs you can find

it on

amazon or you can just go to their

website famiclear.com

or check out our website