5 steps to make a Gemini love you

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everyone here are five bulletproof

things that you can do in order to make

a German I love you both on a romantic

interest but also if you just want your

friends to like you more your boss to

like you more your co-workers to love

you in case they are geminis

so let's start number one you probably


Gemini's are really really fun it

probably cannot be as much fun as they

are but you need to show that you can be

a high amount of fun

so whatever banter they start with just

go along with it and play with it and

bring your own contribution to it so

keep the ball bouncing from one to the

other it it will become boring for them

if you cannot show that you can also

have mental weight and be and be really

fun to be with so be open for friends be

spontaneous and be witty be critical how

did you notice that it's as a sign

reversal they are not quite your typical

variable nevertheless they have a very

fun playful way of criticizing people

they kind of noticed every detail they

notice what's wrong with a person they

notice the little things that the little

quirky things that they can make fun of

and that's actually the material that

gives them something to to make fun

about so you need to show that you are

also noticing this stuff so you might be

critical in a different way that they

are but you cannot be a person that just

doesn't notice details so you need to

you need to pick up on stuff and need to

kind of see what they are talking about

otherwise it will be just half of fun

for them to share it

jokes with you if you are very

politically correct and not not going in

for the joke be versatile

I cannot state this enough Gemini's more

than anymore well sign although other

Muslims are also doing this they lose

interest so you need to show that you

can keep them interested so to a lot of

different things have a lot of different

interests we open for new be open for

going to new places talking about new

topics bring new topics and new interest

in your discussion this is the only way

in which you could keep a Gemini

interested they their attention span is

like this and the more interesting of

thing is the more he will be able to

keep them engaged in your conversation

but for this you need to be able to also

switch records all of the time so will

not stay on a topic forever but switch

to the next interesting topic be quick

on your feet be witty I think I said

this before but just when they change

topic you need to be already with them

at the next step so you cannot be coming

and discussing a topic that they

finished about 10 minutes ago and coming

with your opinion then or even an

interest that they might have had two

days ago and you're not following with

so you need to be really really quick

and catch up on on your stuff and don't

new happenings around you so that's very

important five and probably the most

interesting and the most good insight

and I can give you here something that

you didn't know about them and I beebeep

they like people that can dig deep they

I don't want to say that they have a

frustration or a complex but for them

being so much out there so much fun

extroverts they kind of lack in their


a sense of deepness serious

conversations and getting to the core of

things getting to the important stuff

that's why you'll notice and many

Gemini's will like to get into the

psychological type of analysis

psychological type of of discussions at

one point and they will appreciate

actually a person that opposite to them

that's very deep and it has study

something for a long time and has gotten

to the core of it and to the dark

powerful places of our psychic so I

think this is something that usually

people don't know about I'm gonna but

they really really like to have a very

engaging conversation with someone that

can really take the dive deep into their

soul so go for it and make your

fun-loving German I love you