How to Break Up with a Friend Easily and Nicely

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from the last comedy today I'm going to

talk about how to break up with a friend

I'm using the word breaking up with a

friend instead of just having a fall out

falling out because I think that

sometimes in certain scenarios it needs

to be just as intentional as a break up

with a person as a partner as your

friends I don't know if that makes sense

I'm going to talk about how to actually

break up with a friend when needed and

why you definitely should so just a

couple of days ago in facebook I put a

quote saying in order to be happy in

life you should pick your friends who

add to the solutions to your problems

instead of add to the problems in your

life and then a friend asked me oh that

you know that was a great quote but how

do you actually go about breaking up

with a friend I thought of two two ways

to do it

the first is to slowly cut off

communication to slow down communication

with this friend who is making your life

harder instead of making it better like

friendship or who's creating problems

for you to now have to go fix instead of

coming up and helping you find solutions

to problems you already have wind down

your communication with this person and

eventually just kind of stop responding

stop responding to emails texts tweets

whatever and they will probably get the

message the second way is to tell them


this can happen this is necessary

sometimes when the other person has no

clue that they're actually hurting you a

lot maybe it's not intentional but they

are still hurting you and they need to

be told so in this scenario you just

tell them openly hey friend

look you treated me like this and that

and I didn't like it because of this and

that and therefore I'm making the

decision to stop being a close friend of

yours and I hope you'll respect it I

hope you understand and give me the

space that I need so now that you know

how to deal with the situation how to

actually do it while you absolutely

should do it if you really feel like

there's a negative friendship in your

life or negative person in your life

because reason number one the reason why

you should break up with a friend a

toxic friend a bad friend you know not

don't ditch all of your friends it's not

a good idea but okay so the first reason

is if you think that you need a break

from this person there's a good chance

they're already feeling it too reason

number two why you should break up is

because if you don't obviously you'll

continue to have this nice negative

presence in your life so if you don't

get rid of that negative influence it

will still be there and you'll still

have that unhappiness reason number

three of why you should get rid of a

toxic friendship is by ending it you're

actually doing both of you a favor maybe

this person needs to be told that

they're unintentionally hurting others

maybe this person needs to be told that

they're not as loving and caring and

maybe they're takers and not givers and

if you don't tell them they will never

know yes it's a big price to pay to lose

your friendship but you're helping them

to become a better person in in that

scenario in that situation and at the

same time you're getting rid of that

negativity in your life so I hope this

has given you a couple of ideas to make

a positive impact in the happiness of

your life please go check out