How To Avoid A Food Coma

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in today's video why we fall into a food

coma hey guys what's going on this is

Paul Weller from pro physique comm happy

Tuesday morning and today's video is

going to be about topic of crashing or

feeling very lethargic and tire after

you eat a meal why that happens what we

can do to combat it what some strategies

we can come up with and this really is

something that's highly relatable to me

because before I used to pay very much

attention to my let's say meal timing or

macronutrient intake I used to just

focus on giving a lot of calories in

because I've been uh let's say skinny in

my whole life so I've always just been

in like about food volume I got to eat

more I got to eat more it's always been

tough for me to keep my weight up so I

used to have an office job and I would

go to work every morning kind of skip

breakfast have something small maybe a

cup of coffee a little meal and then a

gang of us would go out to lunch

somewhere cool where we would get

hamburgers or you know large meals maybe

pasta something like this something kind

of kind of heavy you know definitely

more than a thousand calories for a meal

right get back to work and we'd have

like a one o'clock staff meeting and

we'd all be like yawning and like

slapping ourselves to keep ourselves

awake trying to figure out what we could

do maybe have to have a coffee and so

why does that happen

why are we getting so drowsy after a

large meal and so I think the most

important thing to talk about is the

digestive process itself now this

question came from someone who had a

specific scenario I got the the question

on my Instagram DM it's at Paul rubella

if you guys are interested in posting up

a question so the question was they fast

then they have a large meal when they


three hours later so I want to talk

about this and I actually did some

intermittent fasting earlier this year

so have a little bit of experience with

this I actually found that when I was

intermittent fasting that first meal for

me digested rather well so my experience

was a little bit different I actually

found a little more energy but what I

want to talk about is why do we get that

crash why do we get that food coma

what's going on well when we take in a

large amount of food the body then has

to go into the process of breaking down

that food and storing it or converting

it so that we can use it as energy that

process requires an energy expenditure

so what you're doing is a multi-faceted

thing here first you're taking in a

bunch of food which increases insulin

right because your body is going to

release that from the pancreas to move

all this food around and get it to where

it needs to go okay so we're going to

see a big rise in blood sugar and then

we're gonna see a rapid drop okay that

rapid drop in blood sugars when you

start to feel tired okay when you start

to feel drowsy and when you have all

this food that needs to be broken down

your your brain and your body are going

to focus on doing a lot of that as well

so I just feel like it's the size of

your meal that's going to cause this to

happen and I found an easy way to get

around this and you can still eat a

rather large meal and it's something

that we've been talking about for a

while now and that is the post meal walk

when you instead of eating a big meal

and just go sit down at your desk if you

spend five to ten minutes you know the

research and most of the people now are

talking about the 10-minute walks and

that's what I use when you take a

10-minute walk it helps speed up the

digestive process it helps keep blood

sugar level okay you don't have this

huge rise in this huge fall and it just

allows the body to absorb it in a much

more natural way where we don't tend to

get this crash I've also found that as

I've been tracking my meal sizes over

time now I tend to have a larger

breakfast so that my

miel doesn't have to be so big to

compensate I find that I actually get

more energy when I have my meals versus

feeling run down the energy the meals

kind of speed up my day I kind of I need

a meal to keep going ok I didn't like

the feeling of you know having a big

lunch then feeling tired than having a

big meal and going to the gym I used to

always be falling asleep during the day

taking naps that's another thing that

you can look at what might be making you

tired is what's your overall sleep cycle

pattern are you getting enough sleep at

night so that you don't feel as tired

during the day there are some research

that shows that when you're short on

sleep not getting enough well you don't

do as well with carbohydrates ok and

that's going to cause blood sugar to

crash and that you're going to have

problems with energy throughout the day

you know I am at a place in my life

where I am much more regulated with my

sleep with my food and I find that I no

longer have these issues I no longer

have a meal and feel tired ok but I

understand that that's not an easy thing

to do for everybody maybe getting some

sleep isn't the answer for you maybe

smaller meals isn't the answer for you

since you're doing fasting so what I

would suggest is perhaps doing the walk

doing some activity post meal to help

you I think that's going to help

regulate the digestion the blood sugar

and keep your overall energy levels

better I understand that since you're

doing a fasting approach it's going to

impact your day you need to fast until

that first meal that first meal is going

to be a sizeable one and so that would

be my suggestion my strategy for you

hopefully this helps if you guys have

any questions about how not to crash

after a meal

I think our overall lifestyle is the

biggest factor ok you know looking back

at that time I was a very sedentary

person I sat at a desk all day yes I

would go to the gym and work out for an

hour but I was lifting weights I was not

doing very much if any cardiovascular

exercise ok so I find that now that I am

much more

active and on my feet and moving meals

have much less impact on my energy in a

negative way and much more in a positive

way so that's just a lifestyle factor

guys you can get up and be more active

all of us have the time to get and take

a few walks per day I find that has

immense benefit on our overall

well-being just look at the cultures of

people that are pedestrians cities where

everyone is walking their overall BM

eyes are much lower and I just find that

those styles of living lend themselves

to much better body composition in fact

I did a video recently from the issue of

mass where they did research that show

that exercise being active regularly

actually helped regulate your hunger

better so yeah let's just make it an

overall approach to lifestyle while

we're we're being active and we're

eating wisely that's gonna be it for me

today guys I hope you have an awesome

Tuesday and I'll talk to you tomorrow