Get a flu shot to help avoid 'twindemic' of flu season and COVID-19, experts warn

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it may still look may still feel like

summer but another season is around the

corner i mean

flu season and in a year where we're

already dealing with a health crisis

this could be a big challenge

that's why doctors are warning it's more

important than ever

to get the flu shot this year so they

say we can avoid a

twin democ for more on this our chase

team has reached dr suman chakrabarti

he's an infectious disease specialist at

trillium health partners in mississauga

always great to have you on the program

uh twindemock this is a new word

what does it mean doctor yeah

i actually like this one if you coined

that that's awesome and i think it

basically what it talks about is


and covert 19 they're all they kind of

have under the same conditions and they

could happen at the same time this year

in the fall in the winter months now how


of a toll does influenza take covet out

of the picture

influenza how much of a toll does it

usually take on the health care system

this is big and you know i've worked in

this for the past 10 to 15 years

we see every time in the fall in the

winter months our

awards our icu's they're filled with

people who require help

help for uh influenza this is not just a

simple cold for many people especially

older individuals and those people who

have health conditions so

it is a big thing we get an explosion of

cases usually in the

mid to late winter and now put covert 19

in the mix

what picture are you seeing you know

this could be

this could be trouble now that said i

think that we are much more prepared for

clover than we were back in march

but you know if you have a whole bunch

of cases all happening at the same time

there is the chance that you could have

you know the overwhelming of certain

hospitals or certain health care systems

so i think it's important for us

to do whatever we can to prevent this

from happening but you know when covet


first came about and i'm talking about

back march

april think back then with me and there

were concerns the health care system

would be overwhelmed that people would

be being treated out in parking lots

etcetera it didn't happen

yeah that's an awesome point part of

this is because we did it wasn't a

perfect response but as canadians we did

a great job

um overall as a team to kind of get

through this uh there were places that

got a bit close it was a little bit uh

close to quebec for a little bit but


no hospital in the entire country was


and now we're much more prepared so i do

think that overall that it's going to be

a much less chance of this happening but

we still need to be prepared

the symptoms of influenza and covid19

because they are so

similar doctor what sort of problems

does that

contain in and of itself

this is tough and this is one of going

to be one of the things that we have to

grapple with this docs

and also even in the schools because the

symptoms can be exactly the same and you

can't really tell them apart without a


that has implications for you know

staying home from school has

implications for how we treat people in

the hospital

it's going to be tough but i think that

we have testing in order to discern that

there are people who say

no flu shot no matter what i'm not

getting it whether they don't

like shots whether they don't think

they'll get sick what's your message to

those people

my message is that you know the shot

might not help you but what

it can do is if it makes you sick for a

couple of less days you're actually

much less likely to spread it to others

who can get sick and especially with

covert 19

on the horizon as well anything we can

do to reduce hospitalizations of people

is going to be helpful so reconsider

at least for this year we can talk again

next year yeah and you know this year is

what we're concerned about

because when does actual flu season

begin and when will will a vaccine be

available because i think it's already

available in parts of the u.s right

that's right and usually around this

time i would say about october we start

to see it

i always get my of course the first or

second day but you want to get this as

quickly as possible and i

really urge canadians to reconsider if

you're hesitant

because it will be helpful with you and

everybody else you know i think i used

the word vaccine there

but i meant flu shot but i was thinking

vaccine for kovid

while i'm thinking that any word

well we're getting closer but i think

that you know canada has

gotten some doses uh guaranteed

i'm thinking that it's going to be going

needles into arms in march and april

okay final question for you with all of

the protocols in place and people

worried about covet 19 worried about


coveted 19. then they're worried about

getting influenza

will it be more difficult to get a flu

shot and should we overcome that

concern of going in somewhere to get the


yeah i think that's a really good point

but i think that the shot's going to be

put out just like it normally is but

there'll be precautions they'll be

spaced out people will be wearing masks

i think it'll be quite safe

and overall i think that the the risk is

much outweighed by the benefit of

getting it

so again if you haven't considered or if

you don't know yet please get the flu


it's going to help everybody this season

i want to thank you for your time doctor

great to have you on

dr suman chakrabarti is an infectious

disease specialist he is at trillium

health partners and we reached him in