How to Prevent Cold & Flu This Winter

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welcome to the doctors kitchen me doctor

rupee so today and we were talking about

tips for when you're ill and how to

prevent illness during the winter when

you're ill the first thing is to be

grateful for the fact that you are

actually mounting an immune response

it's showing that your immune system is

actually working that high fever is

actually making your macrophages and the

other immune supporting cells do their

job more efficiently

the first thing before even get ill we

want to try and optimize your health as

much as possible one of the ways in

which I suggest doing that is looking

after and supporting your immunity we've

done a whole podcast about this with dr.

Jen Emma chocky to check out the podcast

link I put it down below

second thing is looking after your gut

with plenty of different types of fibers

beans legumes chestnut says it's the

season right now the festive season

wonderful ways in which to increase your

fiber content and look after your gut I

like to drink broths pretty much every

single day in winter to preemptively

prevent illnesses from occurring in the

first place and I have usually veggie

broth but you can have animal porosity

as well I'm more of a fan of their herbs

and spices that you put in there because

they're the ones that have

anti-inflammatory effects antiviral

effects at about cereal effects things

that clove garlic cinnamon all those put

into a veggie broth is absolutely

fantastic I've actually got a recipe in

my first book but it's very easy to make

with the kind of ingredients that you'd

like to put into your own cooking

another thing is making sure you're

getting loads of dark green leafy

vegetables I'm talking kale savoy


Hisss P cabbage anything dark green is

wonderful from a vitamin C point of view

but also a fiber point of view as well

you're going to be introducing lots of

different chemicals including stuff

urethane that we know can have

anti-inflammatory effects and hopefully

support your immune health taking time

off and resting is perhaps one of the

most effective tools to get over your

illness quicker if you try and push

through it

whether it be work or whether it be you

know just down in the LEM snip etc

you're setting yourself up for failure I

would personally take two to three days

off work and allow anybody to get over

it a lot of people with it they can

exercise our way through it or eat their

way through it or feed their way through

it actually you just want to keep your

body moving very very gently when I've

got a viral illness I actually use it as

an opportunity to wind down reflect and

actually try and reduce my stress levels

by meditating I know it sounds really

cliche and corny but actually it's a

really good way of recognizing when

you're ill and actually being

appreciative of everything you have

around you I hope those tips are helpful

for when you're ill and prevents you

from getting you in the first place and

I'll catch you in the kitchen a lot of

time thank you so much for watching this

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