How to Avoid a Fight with these 5 Steps

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what's going on guys Shane you another

fighttips quick tip so today we're

talking about five ways to avoid a fight

now talking about if you're walking down

the street to the bus stop or if a bully

challenges at school how to verbally

defuse it or avoid it completely alright

so the first one is this be aware of

your surroundings

and yes I know you've heard this before

but let's actually break this down what

does it mean means if you're walking

down to the bus stop you know if there's

someone behind you or in front of you or

to the sides of you okay you don't have

your music blasting at high volume

because you want to be able to hear

everything that's going on you know exit

strategies no matter where you're at

okay so great way to do this is if

you're at a train stop a bus stop stand

with your back to to a pillar okay not

in the corner you're in a corner and

someone approaches you you got nowhere

to go

they got you trapped alright but if you

got a pillar someone comes up to you you

step out to the side and you got an exit

right there alright also too with your

back no one's going to sneak up behind

you you keep your head on a swivel as

they say and you can scan to see if

there is any potential threats all right

so that's personal be aware of your

surroundings next one is if there is

someone who looks like a potential

threat don't make eye contact however

don't look down either you look down I

look scared I look nervous I look like

an easy target but if I'm standing like

this good posture with my with my eyes

looking forward directly past a

potential threat right I'm not looking

at them but I'm looking just past them

and I've experimented with this before

they almost wait for you to make eye

contact and then that'll be a chance for

them to say what are you looking at but

if you never do if you never make the

eye contact you look like you're reading

the bus schedule past them it's a great

way to throw them off all right and then

you can go to a different area to

whether they're not going to Bobby okay

so that's the first to be aware of your

surroundings don't make eye contact with


next one is this so let's say someone

does challenge you at school let's say

that an attacker does approach you you

want to be able to verbally verbally

defuse the situation to talk them down

so things to say if someone's bullying

at school is look dude we don't we don't

have to be friends but I don't want to

fight you right and you say this

confidently you don't say this with your

voice cracking you don't look scared you

don't look intimidated but you're also

not threatening them right so you're

confident book polite when you when you

say these things you want to try to

catch them when they're by themselves

and you're by yourself right because if

you go in five dudes behind you then

they're going to be like damn I'm ready

to fight because you guys are going to

jump me and if they're in front of five

their friends they're going to try to

impress them instead try to catch them

when you're alone and when they're alone

I just communicate communication is key

in any relationship right all right so

they're the first three drop your ego is

number four right so call the cops tell

an adult tell a teacher right it's a

[ __ ] thing to do people will say well

guess what you don't risk physical

injury you know we're just going to jail

you don't risk getting kicked out of

school what's more important to you your

face of that what's most important is

getting home safe to your family at

night right making sure that you have a

good life think about it really think

about it okay and then the last one is

yell scream scream rape scream fire some

people said that's better than scream

and rape because people want to come see

some screams rape two people will turn a

runaway call the cops you know just make

as much noise as possible draw attention

so if this is out on the street if this

is at school teachers will come people

will come help cops will come all right

be safe guys that's what it's all about

all right self-defense is just being

aware having the right the proper

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till next time i'm shane with fighttips

self defense for the underdogs