How to Refuse a DUI Checkpoint

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paetynn in how y'all doing tonight no

good I'm trooper trucks with the Highway

Patrol was doing sobriety checkpoint to

see what make sure everybody's alright

to drive you had anything to drink mine

am I free to go

have you anything drink tonight am I

free to go sir well I'm just asking if

you had anything to drink tonight that's

your drink

it's just simple question have you had

anything to drink tonight let me get you

to do me a favor okay yes sir sit right


gotcha hi can you grab us off grid for


y'all having a good night tonight yes

sir yeah just rolling on through having

younger school up here

you're an TSU that's my mark

well hey man I'm just asking if you want

if you had anything to drink I

understand you know simple yes or no who

let you be on your way can I ask you a

question sir

you can ask what did you swear enough to

invoke the Constitution I certainly did

all right so is do you think it's okay

to treat everyone as if it guilty until

proven innocent I'm sorry do you think

it's okay to treat people as if they're

guilty until proven innocent

ah that's not what's going on here young

man all we're doing is just making sure

everybody okay is it okay to drive out

here on roads keeping everybody safe

including yourself okay all right you

want let me know whether you had

anything great tonight am I free to go


only answer my question you want so I'm

guilty until proven innocent

no it's an investigative detention

that's all this is detained for what


we're walking walk run it's not a crime

you're not just so if I'm not being

detained am I free to go

you're being detained right now for an

investigative purpose or what crime just

making sure everybody's okay keep on

driving what crime have I committed for

you to detainment y'all go outside I

appreciate that thank you sir have a

good night

and look at this that's there they're

like holding center so I guess where

they take people's blood yeah that's one

thing it really really wants my gears

do you agree with the force blood draw

no refusal checkpoints I don't ask