How to Avoid the Draft | Eleven Legal ways to be a Draft Dodger

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how's it going everybody machole oh

let's go over 11 different ways that you

can dodge the draft legally just in case

anything comes up in the near future now

some of these might require a little bit

of forethought a little bit of planning

ahead of time in order to pull off

successfully let's go ahead and go

through 11 different ways that you can

dodge the draft legally and keep

yourself safe and out of a conflict that

you have nothing to do with and you want

no part of so number one be a

conscientious objector this means that

if you're a Jehovah's Witness or you're

like Amish or you're a Mennonite or

you're a part of some sort of pacifist

religion and you can show a history of

that then you can honestly call yourself

a conscientious objector and if you're

not part of one of those groups right

now well then right now is the time to

join in now out of all of these

Jehovah's Witnesses Mennonites Amish

Quakers I'd want to be Amish you're

gonna learn a lot of skills if you're

Amish but you got to learn how to speak

German you probably have to move to

Pennsylvania but you'll learn a lot of

skills doing it number two just make up

a health condition you got gastritis

ulcers hepatitis you don't even have to

make hepatitis up just go to a public

restroom and lick the toilet for a while

anemia anemia is really common in fact

there are medications you can take that

will actually mimic anemia

well actually cause anemia for a short

period of time so you can get a

legitimate doctor's note for anemia

apparently the US military is pretty

strict when it comes to accepting

enlistees with medical conditions if you

have something like anemia they're gonna

reject you outright until they get

really desperate number 3 have children

that need you I don't know if I

recommend that you know I don't know if

I want a whole bunch of people having

kids just to avoid the draft but

apparently men with children and

families who depend on those men for

their livelihood are in a lower draft

priority than single men or in cells so

if you're an in cell right to the front

line with you number four I don't want

to get demonetized here so if I say

number four be a perpetual or number

four if you're a man like other men

romantically that should back in the

1970s that works I don't know if it

works today I don't think it does if

anything I mean that's just gonna cause

more camaraderie within the squad right

you know a couple a couple of lovebirds

in there with their guns number five run

away to Canada I mean I guess this is

what people did back then but upwards

forty thousand draft dodgers fled to

Canada between 1965 and 1975 many stayed

in Canada after the war's end in some

even stayed after President Carter

pardoned them all on his first day in

office that's interesting I guess these

aren't technically legal I mean it's

legal to go up to Canada and stay there

if they'll have you but you're gonna be

apparently you're a criminal down here

on the record you can't return unless

you're pardoned by the president

number six go to college I guess back in

1972 it was less typical for people of

that college age group to be all in

college I feel like everybody's in

college now so I don't know if this

would work quite as well it says student

deferments were very common ways of

beating the draft apparently Joe Biden

had five deferments what a draft dodger

and Bill Clinton had one Dick Cheney had

five Dick Cheney that is that is hip

hypocrite a whole number seven have a

high lottery number hey when the lottery

numbers are handed out randomly just get

yourself a high one that way you're not

picked and duds the same way you solve

homelessness you know if you're homeless

buy a home this is how the draft work

thirty-three hundred and sixty six

plastic capsules each with one date of

the year were dumped in a large glass

container then drawn opened and assigned

sequentially rising numbers the first

capsule was September 14th so all men

born on that date from 1944 through 1950

received the first priority called a

duty oh man how unlucky would that be I

mean I guess this is an efficient way to

have birthdays within your troop if it's

somebody's birthday it's everybody's

birthday you just get one big cake for

everybody and that's the one time you do

it throughout the year number eight hold

an essential civilian job so what you

want to do is get yourself a job that we

as a country literally can't do without

maybe a garbage collector or a police

officer or a do they list any youtuber

probably number nine get married in 1965

lyndon b johnson changed the draft law

to allow married males to be drafted if

they didn't have children okay so this

is kind of a the same one as that one up

up there which said have children that

need you hundreds of couples on the west

coast ended up in shotgun marriages just

to avoid serving I mean a shotgun

marriage is where the dad of the where

you knock up a girl and the dad of the

wife is marching you down the aisle with

a shotgun to make you get married that's

why it's called a shotgun marriage but

in this case the man would

definitely want to get married in order

to avoid serving so who's holding the

shotgun because in this case it sounds a

lot like the guys holding a shotgun to

the girl to get married number 10 forge

military ID or reserve papers some men

in northern states formed groups which

made fraudulent National Guard or

reserve papers men could acquire these

papers and take them to the local draft

board to be relieved of their obligation

ok so this is definitely not a list of

legal ways to dodge the draft but this

seems like a pretty good one just Ford

some military ID papers and then when

you get your draft letter in the mail

take your forged papers down to the

enlistment office and be like hey guys

I'm already in the system check your

files I don't know if that would work

today we have everything's done on

computers back in 1972

nothing was it was all on typewriters

and Scrolls and one of those big feather

quill pens probably number 11 enlist any

time ok this doesn't seems like

technically a good way to avoid the

draft you wouldn't be drafted if you

were actually just enlisted but yeah if

you completed a military service

obligation you wouldn't be forced to

re-enter the military so maybe that'll

work for some of my friends who have

served in the past all right so that's

the end of the list huh we don't know

what the future is gonna hold things are

kind of shaky right now I guess and a

lot of people are worried about this so

I just wanted to provide a list of ways

that you might be able to finagle

yourself out of a sticky situation

alright everybody thanks for watching if

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