How to Survive a Dog Attack

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so you're enjoying your morning run in

the park before work and then suddenly a

stray dog runs up to you looking like

it's ready to attack you well what

should you do in a situation like this

should you run should you fight should

you give them a dog biscuit that might

be a good idea give them something else

to munch on here are the most helpful

recommendations of experts on how to

keep yourself safe from dogs or what to

do if you're attacked who is at risk

most of the time joggers cyclers and

other fast moving people get attacked

the thing is dogs react to movement and

it triggers a chase instinct plus they

may consider some area theirs and if you

trespass in their property they might

try to protect it so what to do if you

see that a dog is ready to attack you

part one avoiding the attack don't panic

many people believe that dogs and some

other animals can kind of sense human

fear well it's not that they really

sense the fear it's just that they

become more confident when they see that

their prey is intimidated so no matter

how hard it is try to stay calm if the

dog sees that it can't scare you it

might think you're a dangerous person to

mess with don't dispel its illusions

don't try to rot first things first

dogs are faster well at least most of

them accept this fact and relax there's

no chance you can run away it's not even

worth trying secondly running will

provoke the dogs instinct to chase so

you might create a problem yourself even

if the dog didn't mean any harm in the

first place stand still if you were

running slow down to a walk and then

stop completely most likely if the dog

saw you as a threat when you were moving

fast the threat must be eliminated

either by you or by the dog we prefer

the former so if you stopped moving

chances are the dog will lose interest

in you and walk away also it's better to

stand sideways to the dog this way you

will appear slimmer

to it which means you are less of a

threat don't make eye contact direct eye

contact may make the dog more aggressive

it may be a reason for an attack your

best course of action is to keep the dog

in sight but avoid direct eye contact

this will signal to the dog that you are

not dangerous and it can let you go

unharmed make fists no not for fighting

fists are necessary to protect your

fingers from getting bitten off even if

the dog bites your fist it is much

easier to break free from that distract

the dog with another object if you have

something in your hand threw it in

another direction it can be a bottle of

water your bag or anything else if you

have nothing you are ready to throw away

pretend that you are picking something

up from the ground and throw it far away

after all dogs are very playful animals

maybe this one wasn't attacking you but

trying to attract your attention all

kidding aside distracting the dog might

give you the necessary time to escape

command the dog to back away if the dog

doesn't want things to go nicely you

have no choice but to be rough to tell

it in a firm voice no or back away make

sure you sound confident and strong if

it sound like a five-year-old child

which is forgivable in this situation

the dog will sense it and you will be an

even bigger danger but what if you

couldn't avoid the attack what you to do

to get as little damage as possible part

two defending yourself

fight back if the dog starts biting you

even after you have demonstrated all

your negotiation skills you'll have to

do all it takes to protect yourself try

to hit the dog in the nose in the throat

or the back of the head a good smack

might give you the time to escape yell

for help dogs can kill you must realize

that so it's perfectly okay to ask for

help maybe somebody will hear you and

help you get rid of the dog

protect your face and neck whatever it


don't let the dog get to your vital

parts your neck or your face if you do

you won't be able to protect yourself

anymore try to put something between you

and the dog mmm like that mailman over


anyways use your weight to press the dog

against the ground it's only weapon is

its mouth full of teeth try to avoid

that in if you manage to keep safe from

that you will win the fight your goal is

to immobilize the head you can do that

by pressing the dog's neck okay

let's say that you show the dog who is

boss it gets scared and runs away what

should you do after part three after the

attack see a doctor even the smallest

wound may be an open door for an

infection use water to wash the wound

and a bandage to stop the bleeding see a

doctor even if you don't think you

should the dog might be rabid so a

series of shots might be necessary

report the dog call the authorities and

inform them about the accident describe

everything you can remember this

information might save someone else's

life tell us about your experience with

dog attacks in the comments section

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