What Is A Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

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today we're going to answer the question

about what is a negative dilute drug

test result

so as an HR manager or a safety manager

or a hiring manager you get the drug

test result back and it says negative

dilute so what does that mean well it

means that the specimen was tested at

the laboratory and they found the

specimen to be negative they did not

find any drugs in the specimen but they

did find that the specimen was somewhat

diluted with low creatinine levels and

they're indicating that by reporting it

out as a negative dilute now how does

someone dilute their urine will they

drink a lot of water why do they drink a

lot of water well maybe because a lot of

folks drink a lot of water today for

health issues and it's just a good thing

to drink a lot of water but maybe the

person drank a lot of water because

they're trying to dilute their specimen

and trying to cheat on the drug test

so what do we do with a negative dilute

drug test result well we should address

that in our company drug-free workplace

policy and we typically do one of two

things to address the negative galoop

one is we accept it as it is it is a

negative drug test result or two we ask

the person to go back for another test

and we should advise them not to drink a

lot of water when they go back for that

second drug pack that second drug test

will be the drug test result of record

and you should be consistent in your

policy whichever method you choose to

adopt whether it be accepting it as it

is for requiring a second drug test do

the same for all your applicants do the

same for all your employees

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balut and other questions on our website

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